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My primary role as chair will be to continue the great work that Michael Bolt has done and to represent the residents of Marylebone and challenge those that have power and influence over the area to make sure they recognise its specific changes that we face.  Everyone who lives here should feel they have someone that will listen to them and give them a voice if they can’t speak for themselves.  

The area in which Marylebone sits is facing lots of the challenges. Retail is struggling like never before, the balance of businesses in the area is shifting and the focus on ultra high end  property is driving development and changing the faces present in our community.  These changes can feel disorientating and disturbing but they are also creating great opportunities for us to make a difference. That’s why I am excited and confident about the next chapter for Marylebone.

I look forward to chairing the committee as it continues its great work.

Julie Redmond, Chair

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