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Business Liaison

The Business Liaison Committee exists to promote and support the interests of Business Members within the Marylebone Association.

Currently, we are seeking to rebuild Business membership, post pandemic, with both previous members and those who are new to the area.

Committee activity includes, the provision of a monthly newsletter, containing a wealth of news and up to date information. New business members can provide copy for an article in the Newsletter when joining. Members are also able to publicise special events or promotions in the Newsletter.

The Association has a role as a statutory consultee with the City of Westminster, on matters of planning, licensing, traffic and city management, public realm and law-and -order in Marylebone, and can therefore act as a channel to communicate the views of Business members.

As an organisation, we arrange regular social events listed in the newsletter. Business members are always welcome to attend, providing an opportunity to meet with our local resident members.

In addition, the Association organises occasional specific business member events (Hosted by one of our business members) providing a valuable networking opportunity.

Business members are listed (together with contact details) in the Association annual report, providing an additional opportunity for exposure

Lois German

Committee Business Liaison

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