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The Marylebone Association’s Licensing Sub-Committee monitors applications for new and modified licenses within Marylebone. We try and negotiate with businesses to reduce their impact on residents These may include the licensing hours, the management of customers, or asking for other conditions, such as servicing times. We rely on your feedback to alert us to any licensing issues.

Our objective remains to ensure that the needs of residents are fully met during all hours, ensuring that Marylebone continues to be a great place to live. Commercial businesses may have other needs in order to sustain viable business, but it’s our goal to ensure that all parties’ needs are satisfied as far as possible.

Noise is one of the major issues, both during and outside of licensed hours. We emphasise that the “Noise Team” at Westminster is waiting for your Phone calls 24 hours a day (0207 641 2000). We urge residents to call the team as soon as the noise begins, as this gives an officer the best chance of witnessing the disturbance for themselves. Every call is logged, including anonymous ones, and eventually they could lead to a review of the license in question

It is preferable however to deal with potential nuisance at the time of licensing rather than filing complaints once the nuisance is experienced.

There appears to be a trend towards later licensing hours, and larger premises. This, with late customer departures and later deliveries and collections has the potential to cause serious disturbance, particularly during the Summer.

We also find many complaints generated by Shisha smoking cafes (Which do not require a license.) This makes enforcement regarding noise issues more difficult

The same principle applies-if the activity creates a nuisance, a complaint should be made to the Council, and this will be passed on to the enforcement team.

Guy Austin

Committee member for Licencing

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