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Westminster City Council consults us on every planning application for the area, approximately 1,000 applications annually.  We encourage all developers to engage with us at the earliest opportunity before any pre-application meetings.  We ask that developers and owners give careful regard to the impact their proposal will have not only on the historical or architectural interest of the building, but also on the environment, streetscape and the amenity of neighbours. Generally, we do not object to proposals which have architectural merit, where materials and detailed design take into account and enrich original features and are in proportion to the existing building and streetscape.  See our planning guidelines.

If you disapprove of any development application, please read our guide to objecting effectively.  It is important that you make your views known directly to Westminster City Council, as it is them who determine all planning applications.

Conflicts Statement

We are fortunate that Marylebone Association Planning Sub-Committee consist of eight local active professional Architects/Town planners.  However, from time to time conflicts of interests do arise.  Where this it the case the Association's comments feature a  "declaration of interest":  The Association would like it noted that a member of their planning panel has links with this application. This member has not been involved in making the submission.  Where an application is considered significant for Marylebone, the Association's response is agreed by the main committee.

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  • Mon, June 22, 2020 8:29 AM | Anonymous

    101 SEYMOUR PLACE  20/02355/FULL/PP-08598896 Use of building as five residential flats (Class C3). External alteration including the installation of a replacement roof light and installation of

    a lift overrun

    Comment:   All 3 of the proposed ‘1 bed flats’ fall short of London plan space standards. They are in effect studio flats. The proposed ‘2 bed flat’ on the third floor is also a studio flat at 39sq.m. The Association would be mindful to request dimensions on the plans and a justification of the areas quoted as there are clearly discrepancies in the information provided. For example the first and second floor footprints, benefiting from bay windows, are larger than the third floor footprint. Yet the applicant has provided an identical area measurement for all 3 floors.                           DM:  4 May 2020


    49 YORK STREET   20/02288/FULL/PP-08629741 Alterations and refurbishment of seven basement pavement vaults for use ancillary to the five flats of the main property. Linked to 20/02289/LBC

    No Objection                                                                                                        DM:  4 May 2020


    307 - 309 REGENT STREET   20/02488/FULL/PP-08008110   External alterations including demolition of boardroom roof, building up flat roof and pitched roofs, installation of replacement roof tiles on all roofs, asphalt finish on flat roof and replacement rooflight glazing, installation of balustrading on Board room and Hallway roof and replacement of plant (LINKED TO 20/02489/LBC).

    No Objection                                                                                                       DM:  15 May 2020                                                                                               

    4 BENTINCK STREET  20/02753/FULL PP-08669573  Formation of two terrace areas within central lightwell and rear roofspace at second floor including new door, replacement green roof formed at second and third floor roof levels, formation of green wall at basement level, removal of slated timber screens to windows and alteration to building signage.

    No Objection   Subject to the provision of a robust building management plan limiting the terraces hours of use to normal office working hours.                                          DM:  15 May 2020


    122 WIGMORE STREET  20/02434/FULL/PP-08640588  Erection of a rear lift extension from basement to third floor and general refurbishment of office building, internal layout changes to restore historic plan and new front basement closing in of porch area with associated works. (Linked to 20/02435/LBC)

    No Objection                                                                                                        DM:  15 May 2020

  • Sat, February 01, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous


    103 GLOUCESTER PLACE   19/09963/FULL   Alterations to existing ground floor flat and erection of rear extensions at ground and mezzanine floor levels to create a new one bedroom and duplex studio flats at 103B. (Linked application 19/09965/LBC

    No Objection:              JT:  17 January 2020

    107 DEVONSHIRE MEWS SOUTH   19/08533/FULL/PP-08269524   Excavation of a basement, replacement of 2 windows at first floor front elevation, and internal modifications. (Linked to 19/08529/LBC) 

    No Objection:   Assuming the neighbouring residential amenity is protected during the excavation works.             JT:  17 January 2020

  • Mon, January 27, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous


    VINCENT COURT  SEYMOUR PLACE  19/07240/FULL/PP-08142255   Erection of single storey roof extension to Vincent Court at third floor level to provide 8 self contained units (Class C3) together with the erection of two lift enclosures to the front elevation, refurbishment of the main entrances, replacement windows, roof terraces, balconies to the rear elevation, bike storage, bin storage and other associated works. (Linked to )

    Objection:   The Marylebone Association aims to support the creation of well designed additional roof top dwellings to help meet London's housing crisis. Given the sensitivity of the roof scapes in Marylebone and the impact any additional height has on adjacent properties, the Association requests that any such proposals are designed to the highest design and sustainability standards and take due regard to this sensitivity.

    While in broader townscape terms the height of the existing building and the adjacent buildings on Seymour Place suggest that additional height could be achieved here, it is clear from local concerns that these high standards have not yet been met. 

    1. Impact of Lifts on Portman Estate Conservation Area:
    The proposed lifts onto Seymour Place and their design would have a significant street presence and an impact on the Conservation Area. They would fail to preserve or enhance the character of the Conservation Area.

    2. External Amenity and overlooking
    The addition of the external amenity space at rooftop level will significantly increase the overlooking of the gardens below and of nearby homes. 
    The addition of the balconies would increase the overlooking of the gardens below and of the flats themselves. 
    Potential noise and disturbance from the shared communal rooftop amenity to other local residential properties.

    3. Daylight & sunlight
    The impact of the proposals on existing gardens, to the East, onto Bryanston Mews West, should be clearly demonstrated and is not adequately covered in the Daylight and Sunlight report.

    4. Refuse strategy
    The refuse strategy should be revised to consider utilising the current refuse shute system, which would help minimise the impact on existing properties.

    5. Sustainability
    The proposals need to provide further justification as to why the design is sustainable and to include what measures have been incorporated to minimise its impact on climate change.

    The demand for new homes and housing need in London could be partially met with roof top extensions, however due to the reasons outlined above, the quality of this application raises significant concerns its current form and should be refused. We request that The Marylebone Association is consulted directly on any revised proposal.              LT:  10 December 2019

  • Thu, October 31, 2019 12:00 AM | Anonymous

    REGINA HOUSE  65 WIMPOLE STREET  19/07274FULL/PP-08094828    Erection of a single storey roof extension at main roof level to provide additional residential floorspace for use in association with Flat 6, 66 Wimpole Street [SITE INCLUDE 66 WIMPOLE STREET] 

    No Objection:        JH:  16 October 2019

    94-96 WIGMORE STREET  19/07494/FULL/PP-08167121  Replacement of timber upstand to front terrace with galvanised steel railings, demolition of the existing timber pergoda over the terrace to the front entrance, replacement of timber front entrance staircase with new galvanised steel external steps and guarding, replacement of windows and front entrance door with timber casement window and timber door, replacement of the existing open riser internal staircases to all floors with traditional staircases and balustrading, layout alterations, and associated works. (Linked to 19/06172/LBC) 

    No Objection:JT:  16 October 2019

    4 GEORGE STREET  19/07385/FULL/PP-08171427  Installation of new shopfront, removal of railings and front lightwell, removal of rear basement and ground floor extension to create a courtyard, replacement of some windows and installation of new windows on the rear elevation and repairs to the roof. 

    No Objection:JT:  16 October 2019

    53 PADDINGTON STREET  19/07621/FULL/PP-08194584  Erection of rear extension over ground, first and second floor level, use of part garden floor, part ground floor and all of first, second and third floors as one residential unit (Class C3) and installation of double glazed windows on front and rear elevations, extension with bi-fold doors at garden level to the rear, and provision of cycle storage for the residential unit in the rear garden, installation of fire escape access hatch to the raised ground floor paved area on Paddington Street with fire escape ladder below at basement level, new rooflight to main pitch roof above third floor stairs landing and new flat rooflight to flat roof above family room at garden level. 

    No Objection:JT:  16 October 2019

    48 DEVONSHIRE CLOSE  19/07715/FULL/PP-08201094  Erection of mansard roof extension, conversion of the existing garage into habitable space and associated external alterations to alter and extend dwellinghouse (Class C3). 

    No Objection:   On the assumption that the daylight and sunlight study meets the planning condition regarding impact of the development on daylight.   JT:  16 October 2019

    103-105 CRAWFORD STREET  19/07744/FULL/PP-08182496  Use of the part of first floor at the front of the existing building as two self contained residential units (Class C3) and erection of a rear first floor extension for the use of bin store. 

    No Objection:JT:  16 October 2019

    22 PORTMAN SQUARE  19/07726/FULL/PP-08131692  Variation of Condition 1 of planning permission dated 5th June 2019 (RN: 19/03186/FULL) for, 'Alterations and extensions to existing hotel at ground and first floor levels fronting Montagu Street, Upper Berkeley Street, and Gloucester Place, and extensions at rear first and second floor levels including a terrace at rear second floor level, installation of new external facade lighting and mechanical services and relocation of existing plant equipment with associated screening'; NAMELY, to allow amendments to landscape, external alterations to facade and roof, and associated works. 

    No Objection:  On the assumption that the amendments to the revised louvre area meets Local Authority noise limits to avoid disturbance to neighbouring residents.   JT:  17 October 2019

  • Mon, September 30, 2019 12:00 AM | Anonymous

    13 BRYANSTON MEWS EAST  19/06171/FULL/PP-07937722  Replacement of timber upstand to front terrace with galvanised steel railings, demolition of the existing timber pergoda over the terrace to the front entrance, replacement of timber front entrance staircase with new galvanised steel external steps and guarding, replacement of windows and front entrance door with timber casement window and timber door, replacement of the existing open riser internal staircases to all floors with traditional staircases and balustrading, layout alterations, and associated works. (Linked to 19/06172/LBC) 

    No Objection:   The proposals result in a modest improvement to the exterior appearance of the application site which we generally support.JT:  4 September 2019

    103-105 CRAWFORD STREET 19/006163/FULL/PP-08061307  Erection of a rear extension at first floor level, relocation of the existing office accommodation (Class B1); and use of the existing office area as 2 residential units (Class C3). Relocation of existing plant items to the side of the new rear extension with associated screening and acoustic requirements. 

    Comment:  It's not apparent how the narrow north terrace at first floor is to be accessed. The acoustic report appears to have used 19 Upper Montague Street, but it appears occupants 102 Crawford Street are likely to be the worst affected by the plant relocation.

    We note objections from existing residents over the quality of maintenance.JT:  5 September 2019

    LUXBOROUGH TOWERS  LUXBOROUGH STREET 19/06451/COFUL/PP-08054000  Redevelopment of existing playspace and the erection of a part one, two, three and six storey block with a flexible Class D1 (non-residential institutions) unit and 14 x Class C3 (affordable) units (7 x 1-bed and 7 x 2-bed); associated access and other works including landscaping, cycle parking and refuse storage. Removal of existing boundary railings and brick wall base adjoining Paddington Street Gardens North and construction of new boundary wall. (COUNCIL'S OWN DEVELOPMENT). 


    1 - We have been consulted many times over many years about this site, and every time we have gone to great lengths to explain that we feel it is extremely important that the development of this site should create a carefully designed pedestrian connection at ground floor level between Luxborough Street and the northern portion of Paddington Street Gardens.
    The northern portion of Paddington Street Gardens has only one entrance/exit and as a result there is no pedestrian traffic passing through. As a result of this it is a dead-end space which attracts anti-social behaviour. The creation of a route through the gardens would activate the space, attracting ‘normal’ people, and making it less attractive for those wanting to use the space for antisocal behaviour.
    During our consulation with this new applicant their response to our request to do this stated that they would need to take a slice off the entire height of the building. This is not accurate, and the creation of a well-designed collonade at ground floor level would be perfectly serviceable. Moreover, we do not accept that the economics of the ground floor of the development should compromise the greater good of the use of the the northern portion of Paddington Street Gardens for the entire community.
    We have pointed out to the applicant that a sum of money was allocated for the re-landscaping of the northern portion of Paddington Street Gardens when the site on the other side was redeveloped some years ago. Obviously this should be looked into as part of a follow-on, associated scheme.
    2 – The nursery at ground floor level is separated from the northern portion of Paddington Street Gardens by a solid 2m high wall. We believe that the applicant’s reasoning for this is to protect the children from on-lookers in the garden. There has got to be a way to allow the staff and children in the nursery to at least see the gardens adjacent to their building, and there should also be a way for them to use the gardens for playing in. This requires thorough thinking from the applicant, and a might involve slightly unconventional or even controversial approach in terms of safeguarding children, but common sense needs to prevail. We cannot see a new nusery built on the edge of a park and not use the park for playspace.
    3 – We believe the building should be one storey taller, allowing an extra number of units
    4 – The internal arrangement of the building on the upper levels proposes a stairwell on the ‘prime’ location of the site, facing the park and the south-west. The internal arrangement should be re-thought to give the highest possible quality accomodation with living space overlooking the park and not the blank walls of the adjacent telephone exchange on Luxborough Street.
    5 - We support the proposed use on the site.         SQ:  12 September 2019

  • Sat, August 31, 2019 12:00 AM | Anonymous

    73-75 HARLEY STREET 19/05270/FULL/PP-07972786  Minor internal and external alterations to the buildings including the installation of a new sesame lift to 75 Harley Street and installation of new partitions and door positions throughout the buildings. (Linked to 19/05271/LBC)

    No Comment:   If officers are minded to approve the application, consideration should be given to adding window joinery details and materiality as a planning condition.     JT:  14 August 2019

    16 MONTAGU STREET 19/04907/FULL/PP-07956052  Use of ground floor garages as 2 residential properties (Use Class C3) and associated external alterations including new windows and doors.

    Objection;  We would expect any application to submit a daylight and sunlight assessment demonstrating that the standard of accommodation meets BRE requirements.
    The application drawings do not show either cycle storage (referred to in the planning statement) or refuse or recycling storage. The entry WC is not accessible or Part M compliant.
    While the principle of new residential accommodation is welcomed, it needs to be high quality and to comply with the Mayors Housing SPG. We would expect, as a minimum, a Design & Access Statement stating how each of the elements, including space standards etc are addressed in the proposals.
    The scheme should not be consented until these are clearly addressed.

    Montagu Mews South is a "dead end " cobbled street with no pavements and a single, very narrow entrance from/onto George Street. There is a lot of normal vehicle and pedestrian movement in and out of the Mews on a daily basis including children and elderly. We request that should Planning Approval be granted a condition of a CMP precommencement condition which should severely limit the level of construction vehicle and equipment activity in the Mews, and that any related parking and material storage etc must not impede the access of Mews residents to their properties, garages."           NW:  17 August 2019

    18 MARYLEBONE HIGH STREET 19/05967/FULL/PP-08045206  Repositioning of 2 x air conditioning units at rear ground floor level and erection of balcony. 

    Comment:  Generally the drawings are unclear and lack information. No context is shown on the drawings, and the absence of elevation/section markers means it is not possible to establish the affect on amenity of neighbouring occupants. Further information is also required on noise output of relocated plant.     JH:  28 August 2019

    1-2 WELBECK STREET 19/06118/FULL/PP-07996886  Dual/alternative use for Class B1(a) office and/or medical use (Class D1) at seventh floor level; alterations at sixth floor comprising of a single storey extension, balustrading and landscaping works; installation of plant equipment internally at fifth floor level and externally at roof level; minor fenestration alterations to the rear elevation at fifth and sixth floors including replacement of windows to louvres and opaque film to windows. 

    No Comment:         JH:  28 August 2019

    111 GLOUCETER PLACE MEWS 19/06029/FULL/PP-08049012  Demolition of existing rear garage and erection of a two storey rear extension to provide additional accommodation to the existing dwelling at lower ground and ground floor levels. (Linked to 19/06030/LBC) 

    Objection:  The proposed sheer masonry wall facing Gloucester Place Mews has no Architectural merit. It would reduce amenity to the area, harms the streetscape and would magnify the already poor passive overlooking, encouraging crime and antisocial behaviour.     JH:  28 August 2019

  • Fri, May 31, 2019 12:00 AM | Anonymous

    23 NOTTINGHAM PLACE 19/03391/FULL/PP-07568957  Erection of 4th floor mansard roof extension to provide an additional residential flat (Class C3)

    No Objection:   If officers are minded to approve the application, consideration should be given to adding window joinery details and materiality as a planning condition.          JT:  16 May 2019

    43 UPPER MONTAGU STREET 19/03093/FULL/PP-07804192  Demolition of existing rear extension and erection of single storey rear extension, external alterations at lower ground floor including connection between vault and main building including installation of a replacement window. Internal alterations including removal of partitions. Linked to 19/03094/LBC. 

    No Objection;                     JT:  16 May 2019

    66 PORTLAND PLACE 19/03010/FULL/PP-07797153  Installation of mobile planters to the rear fourth-floor terrace. (Linked with 19/03011/LBC) 

    No Objection;               JT:  16 May 2019

    GROUND FLOOR 30 NOTTINGHAM PLACE 19/03236/FULL/PP-07799071  Use of the ground floor as flexible use B1(a) / D1 use for an existing B1(a) unit. 

    No Objection;               JT:  16 May 2019

  • Tue, April 30, 2019 12:00 AM | Anonymous

    7 BENTINCK STREET 19/01616/FULL/PP-07660095  Use of first floor as office accommodation (Class B1) (part of land swap with Charles Fowler and Denison House Ref: 19/01617/FULL). 

    No Comment:                 JH:  7 April 2019

  • Mon, April 01, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    Please find below responses to planning applications by the Marylebone Association Planning sub-committee. Any comments should be referred to Neil Wilson. planning@marylebone.org

    3 MANDEVILLE PLACE 19/000978/FULL/PP-07570962 External alterations comprising replacement of the front door and basement lightwell entrance door, replacement of windows to the front and rear facades, installation of roof lights and new automatic opening vent within the upper mansard and replacement of rooflights at basement and ground floor level

    No Objection : TB: 5 March 2019

    18 WIGMORE STREET 19/01390/FULL/PP-07546707 Erection of an extension at the rear of the property at first to fourth floor levels to provide additional residential floorspace for the existing flats, including the infilling of an internal lightwell adjacent to 16 Wigmore Street and the installation of a new lift. Alterations at basement and ground floor level including the infilling of a rear lightwell at basement level to create additional office (Class B1) floorspace and installation of plant at rear ground floor level. (AMENDED DESCRIPTION OF DEVELOPMENT)

    Comment: The proposal involves an extension/ projection of the entire rear elevation by 2.5m to 3m in parts over four storeys. The new rear façade is a bland and pastiche facsimile of the existing. The CGI provided is not representative, not least because it shows false windows as if they had a room behind them. DM: 15 March 2019

    BASEMENT AND GROUND FLOOR 90 YORK STREET 18/10655/FULL/PP-07390427 Use of part of the basement floor medical treatments (Class D1)

    No Objection: DM: 15 March 2019

    50 WEYMOUTH STREET 19/01218/FULL/PP-07570620 Erection of a new mansard roof extension at rear second floor level to the Beaumont Mews elevation to create a self contained flat. (part of a land use swap with Blocks A-C Ossington Buildings and Ground floor of Moxon House and Osbourne House, Moxon Street).

    Comment: It is difficult to comment on this application due to the lack of and poor quality of information. No Design & Access Statement is provided (despite reference to one in the planning statement). The CGI’s are not in fact CGI’s but poor, low-resolution screenshots that add little to the application. Use of the roof in this location to create an additional residential unit is, in principle, a good idea. We would, however, expect to see a higher level of thought , design and communication of the key issues – all items lacking in this application. DM: 15 March 2019

    I CHILTERN STREET 19/00948/FULL/PP-07529786 Erection of a glazed canopy (cloister) in the front courtyard. (Linked to 19/00949/LBC)

    No Objection: DM: 15 March 2019

    MARBLE ARCH APARTMENTS 11 HARROWBY STREET 19/00261/FULL/PP-07533284 Erection of a single storey roof extension to provide eight additional residential units (Class C3) (2 x 1-bed, 3 x 2-bed and 3 x 3-bed units). Relocation of existing water cylinders to new roof level. 

    Objection: We object on the following grounds:

    1. Impact on adjoining properties:  the information supplied in the application is insufficient to adequately assess the full impact of the proposals on the neighbouring properties.  Plans and sections showing the relationship of the proposals to existing neighbouring properties should be included.  

    2. Daylight/Sunlight:  the additional height and bulk and the impact that this would have on the daylight and sunlight for nearby properties.  A daylight and sunlight analysis should be submitted as part of the application to show the impact the proposals would have on nearby properties. It is mentioned in the attachments summary, but is not evident in the documents on idox.

    3. Parking: We request that, if consented, restriction is imposed in perpetuity that no additional parking permits are allowed for these proposed dwellings, as indicated in the transport statement, as this is very well served by public transport and there is considerable residential parking stress in the local area.

    4.Sustainability: The sustainability report claims that 1KWP of renewables are incorporated into the design, yet no PVs are shown on the roof plan or sections.

    5. Construction Logistics: Given the significant impact that the development would have upon the existing residents, a Construction Management Plan should be included with the application.

    6. Community Consultation: The applicant has not engaged proactively with the local amenity society or the local residents, who have deeply held concerns about the proposals.  We request that any subsequent revisions to the proposals are presented to the local community at a suitable public consultation event, to which all objectors and the Marylebone Association are invited.

    7. Because of its height, bulk, and detailed design, the mansard roof extension would harm the appearance of this building and fail to maintain or improve the character and appearance of the area. This would not meet DES6.

    We ask that WCC requires the applicant to address these concerns before the application is determined. LT: 21 March 2019

  • Fri, March 01, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    Please find below responses to planning applications by the Marylebone Association Planning sub-committee. Any comments should be referred to Neil Wilson. planning@marylebone.org

    FLAT 2 19 UPPER WIMPOLE STREET 18/10763/FULL/PP-07496598 Window to be widened and sill height lowered. New window to be installed. Existing front door to be replaced by curved door. Remove existing steel staircase and replace with new wooden staircase. Install solid infill panel in place of glazing panel. Including reconfiguration of internal spaces. (Linked with 18/10764/LBC)

    No Objection : VS: 11 February 2019

    15-20 MANCHESTER SQUARE 18/10640/FULL/PP-07419022 Erection of a single storey roof extension at fifth floor and rear extension at second to fifth floor level in connection with existing office (Class B1) use, provision of new main office entrance, flexible use of part ground and basement floor for either retail or office use (Class A1/B1), creation of roof terrace at fifth floor level, provision of cycle parking spaces and facilities, roof plant and associated external alterations.

    Comment: The colouring of the façade is welcomed however the level of brick sooting should be agreed through sample panels. An exemplary CMP is expected to minimise disruption during the construction process. VS: 11 February 2019

    FLAT 2 19 UPPER WIMPOLE STREET 1810767/FULL/PP-07505981 Replacement of the two sash windows on the front facade at ground level. (Linked with 18/10768/LBC)

    Commment: The wholesale replacement of fabric which potentially has historic value, should be measured against an assessment of significance - without this information, an informed decision cannot be made. Consideration could be given to introducing secondary glazing to overcome the issues raised.   VS: 11 February 2019

    74,76 & 78 MARYLEBONE LANE 18/10845/FULL/PP-07507858 Erection of a new mansard roof extension to create a new 3 bedroom family unit at 4th floor (existing roof) level, including 11 dormer windows, four conservation roof lights, a rear terrace and new air conditioning plant on roof. (Part of a land use swap with 56 Queen Anne Street, Block D Ossington Buildings)

    No Objection : VS: 11 February 2019

    4 DUKE STREET 18/10884/FULL/PP-07475812 Use of the basement, ground, first and second floor office for medical (class D1) use for a temporary period until 30 June 2024 

    No Objection : VS: 11 February 2019

    D BLOCK OSSINGTON BUILDINGS 18/10843/FULL/PP-07389954 Formation of 1No. new bedroom apartment in roofspace, including eight new dormer windows. (Part of a land use swap with 56 Queen Anne Street, 74, 76 and 78 Marylebone Lane) 

    No Objection : VS: 11 February 2019

    56 QUEEN ANNE STREET 18/10844/FULL/PP-07498621 Use of the third floor for office (Class B1) purposes. (Part of a land use swap with Block D Ossington Buldings, 74 Marylebone Lane and 78 Marylebone Lane)

    No Objection : VS: 11 February 2019

    110 MARYLEBONE HIGH STREET 19/00563/FULL/PP-07529817 Temporary change of use of part of the lower ground and ground floor to Class D2 gym use for a period of 25 years and installation of plant at 1st and 3rd floors of the building.

    No Objection : We would only ask officers to ensure that the environmental health officer requirements are met. TB: 26 February 2019

    60 WIMPOLE STREET 19/00416/FULL/PP-06785330 Demolition of existing rear link building and replacement with new 2 storey building including mansard roof plant space. Infill at basement level to create new medical consulting room. Demolition of pitched roof at 2nd floor level and mansard roof at 3rd floor level and replacement with new half storey vertical

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