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Conflicts Statement

We are fortunate that Marylebone Association Planning Sub-Committee consist of eight local active professional Architects/Town planners.  However, from time to time conflicts of interests do arise.  Where this it the case the Association's comments feature a  "declaration of interest":  The Association would like it noted that a member of their planning panel has links with this application. This member has not been involved in making the submission.  Where an application is considered significant for Marylebone, the Association's response is agreed by the main committee.

What we do

Westminster City Council consults us on every planning application for the area, approximately 1,000 applications annually.  We encourage all developers to engage with us at the earliest opportunity before any pre-application meetings.  We ask that developers and owners give careful regard to the impact their proposal will have not only on the historical or architectural interest of the building, but also on the environment, streetscape and the amenity of neighbours. Generally, we do not object to proposals which have architectural merit, where materials and detailed design take into account and enrich original features and are in proportion to the existing building and streetscape.  See our planning guidelines.

If you disapprove of any development application, please read our guide to objecting effectively.  It is important that you make your views known directly to Westminster City Council, as it is them who determine all planning applications.

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  • Thu, May 13, 2021 6:00 PM | Anonymous


    7 - 10 Chandos Street 21/02630/FULL/PP-09765564    Formation of new terrace to third floor roofspace including new access door and railing. 

    No Objection:         DM:  27 May 2021


    Amisa House 25 York Street 21/00831/FULL/PP-09513134  Retention of railings, door and stairs at rear first floor level in association with the roof terrace. Use of the building as a single dwellinghouse, erection of infill extension to lower ground floor courtyard, demolition of a portion of the rear extension wall on the lower ground floor, installation of replacement rooflight, front door and rear side window. (linked to 21/00832/LBC). (AMENDED DESCRIPTION) 

    no objection:   On the basis that the change of use adheres to the local area planning policy..                                        DM:  27 May 2021         

    77-78 Marylebone High Street  21/02567/FULL/ PP-09746235   Erection of a new enclosed cladded extract and new separate flue to rear and installation of three replacement louvred windows.

    No Objection:                                               DM:  27 May 2021


    26 Beaumont Street 21/02117/FULL/ PP-09694106   Erection of roof extension at fourth floor level to enlarge dwellinghouse (Class C3), renewal of the roof terrace trellis and planters, reduction of garage door width and addition of new section of wall with a casement window to rear elevation, and replacement of stone cladding adjacent to front entrance door to green marble.

     No Objection:                                               DM:  27 May 2021


    Cavendish Square 21/02412/FULL/PP- 09616760   Erection of a Spiegeltent touring structure (with an internal capacity of approximately 500), a box office, a bar area, 9 catering units, toilets, storage, outdoor seating areas and fencing in conjunction with use of Cavendish Square for Underbelly Summer Event 2021 (Sui Generis), with a maximum of 2,000 visitors at any one time, for a temporary period from 14 June 2021 to 8 October 2021. (Linked to 21/02413/ADV)

    No Objection:                                               DM:  27 May 2021


    Basement flat, 13 Nottingham Place 21/02503/FULL/ PP- 09746018  Amalgamation of two flats ground and lower ground level to create a family size dwelling of 4 bedrooms. (Class C3)

    No Objection:                                               DM:  27 May 2021

  • Tue, April 13, 2021 5:59 PM | Anonymous


    15 Crawford Place 21/01287/FULL/PP-09569610   Erection of two storey extension at roof level and extension to rear to create an additional eight flats (Class C3). Refurbishment of the front and rear elevations. 

    1. Scale and massing and impact upon the Conservation Area and adjacent heritage assets. The proposed extension has an uncomfortable relationship with the existing building, which though not characteristic of the wider Conservation Area is a building with a clear architectural and structural logic, with slim profiled, well proportioned glazing. The proposed extension does not sensitively respond to existing building and is an unwelcome, overbearing addition. It also has an uncomfortable relationship with the adjacent alms houses. The proposed extension would harm the Conservation Area and should be refused on these grounds.

    2. Inappropriate materials:
    The proposed materials (zinc) are an unwelcome and intrusive addition, not characteristic of either the existing building or the street or roof scene of the wider Conservation Area.

    3. Quality of accommodation
    The quality of the proposed residential accommodation in the application is inadequate. Some bedrooms (flat 13 at 5F for example) have no natural light. They do not meet the required standards for residential accommodation as set out in the National Design Standards, nor do they meet the requirements as set out in the London Housing Design Guide.

    4. Sustainability
    The scheme provides inadequate detail as to how it will help to mitigate climate change and improve the performance of the building. The proposed 'chillers' for the summer use of the apartments are not evident in the application. The sustainability of the scheme should be clearly detailed and should provide a holistic approach to both the existing and additional accommodation to demonstrate an improved performance. This should be done following the mayors energy hierarchy "Be Lean, Be Clean, Be Green".

    5. Use
    The existing building has 8 flats: 6 are C1 usage (hotel and hostels) and 2 are C3. In any proposals we would welcome the change to all units being C3 as there have been comments from locals about the poor management of the C1 units, with noise, unsociable hours, guests etc.

    While the Marylebone Association welcomes proposals to create additional high quality residential accommodation within the area, it needs to be of the highest design and environmental standards. This application fails on both counts and should be refused.

     LT:  31 March 2021


    Flat 26 Harmont House 20 Harley Street 21/02118/FULL/PP-09689584  Use of fourth floor flat as residential (Class C3) and as a dental practice (Class E). 

    no objection:   On the basis that the change of use adheres to the local area planning policy..                                         JT:  19 April 2021         

    1 Bourne House St Vincent Street  21/02114/FULL/ PP-09457195  Erection of a new roof pavilion and roof terrace space on Bourne House in connection with office use (Class E) at 1 St. Vincent Street. 

    No Objection:   On the basis that the proposed roof terrace does not harm the amenity of neighbouring residents with regards noise and loss of daylight. The construction of the proposed roof extension must also conform to an approved construction management plan to avoid disruption to neighboring properties.                                   JT:  19 April 2021


    3 Montagu Mews South  21/01973/FULL/ PP- 09676851  Use of flat roof as a roof terrace with privacy screening and accessed via openable rooflight. 

    No Objecton:   on the basis that the proposed roof terrace does not harm the amenity of neighbouring residents with regards noise, overlooking, and loss of daylight. The construction of the proposed roof extension must also conform to an approved construction management plan to avoid disruption to neighbouring properties..        JT:  19 April 2021         

    2A Montagu Mews South 21/01969/FULL/PP-09676237   Roof terrace on existing flat roof with privacy screening and accessed via openable rooflight from inside the house. 

    No Objection:   On the basis that the proposed roof terrace does not harm the amenity of neighbouring residents with regards noise and loss of daylight. The construction of the proposed roof extension must also conform to an approved construction management plan to avoid disruption to neighbouring properties                 JT:  19 April 2021

    33 Molyneux Street 20/07867/FULL / PP-09318822  Excavation of the lower ground floor level by up to 1.5m including front lightwell and vaults and underpinning of party walls. Creation of link between main property and the front pavement vaults and alterations to the vaults, erection of a single storey extension at rear lower ground floor level all for use in association with the existing dwelling house (Use Class C3). Alterations to the front and rear elevations and the insertion of rooflights and an air conditioning unit at main roof level. Internal alterations throughout the property including the creation of a new bathroom over the stair at second floor level and the installation of secondary glazing. (Linked to 20/07868/LBC)

    No Objection:  On the basis that the construction of the proposed basement conforms to an approved construction management plan to avoid harming the amenity of neighbours..                   JT:  19 April 2021

  • Sat, March 06, 2021 3:21 PM | Anonymous

    129 - 137 Marylebone Road 20/06929/FULL /PP- 09164462  Demolition and redevelopment of the mews building, partial demolition of the 1960s building and roof extension, facade alterations to the 1930s building all in connection with continued Class E use, associated cycle parking, landscaping, servicing area, external terraces, rooftop plant enclosure and associated external works.(Re:consultation- Reduction in height of lift overun to roof, revised lower ground floor plan, additional clarifications on air quality and noise). 

    No Objection:  Regarding all of these clarifications and revisions, as we mentioned before, we are relying on the council to properly and thoroughly check that all these technical proposals are fully compliant, and that there are no negative impacts on the neighbouring residents in terms of noise, air quality and traffic.            SQ:  11 February 2021


    14 bLANDFORD Street 21/00090/FUL /PP-09329525  Installation of new glass balustrade and planting around the fifth floor south-west roof terrace.

    no objection:   However, should the local authority be mindful to grant approval The Association suggests the provision of a robust building management plan by the applicant in the interest of safe guarding neighbouring amenity with regards to noise outside of normal working hours.                                 DM:  18 February 2021         

    24 BRENDON Street  21/00424/FUL/ PP- 09452292  Erection of an extension at rear lower ground and ground floor levels, including a balcony and steps at rear ground floor level and installation of a timber privacy screen all in connection with the use of the building as a single family dwelling (AMENDED DESCRIPTION OF DEVELOPMENT). 

    Objection:   The proposed balcony/ terrace at raised ground floor will overlook adjacent neighbours gardens, impacting on their amenity. Should the applicant revise the design to remove the balcony, this objection would also be removed.                       DM:  19 February 2021


    9 Devonshire Mews West  21/00454/FULL/ PP- 09457072  Erection of rear roof terrace with associated alterations and alterations to walls in basement. 

    Comment:   Poor quality application and a missed opportunity to genuinely upgrade the mews.

    .   DM:  19 February 2021         

    112 Crawford Street  21/00379/FULL  Use of the basement (Class B1) to create a self contained studio flat. 

    Comment:   no section or elevational drawings have been provided to illustrate the floor to ceiling height within the proposed basement level studio flat. Further, with the primary window facing North and into a lightwell at basement level it is questionable whether sufficient daylight would be provided. No daylight report accompanies the application. This is a poor proposal with insufficient supporting information.                     DM:  19 February 2021

    29 Park Crescent Mews West 20/07854/FULL/ PP- 09328269  External alterations including incorporating northern ground floor commercial garage to form additional living accommodation, replacement doors and windows with double glazed timber door and windows, and installation of 3 rooflights. Linked to 21/00675/LBC 

    No Objection:               DM:  19 February 2021

  • Tue, February 09, 2021 10:48 AM | Anonymous


    130 George Street  20/08158/FULL/PP-09305158   Use of upper ground floor as a 3 bedroom residential unit (Class C3).  

    No Objection:  On the basis that any external plant equipment and internal noise levels meet current planning conditions.                                      JT:  07 January 2021


    5 Moxon Street 20/08165/FULL/PP-08663160  Erection of a single storey mansard roof extension over 1-7 Moxon Street to provide two additional residential units at new third floor level and a terrace at the eastern side of the site over 1 Moxon Street. Extension at second floor level to provide additional residential accommodation adjacent to the rear of 94 Marylebone High Street. Installation of decking and plant within an associated enclosure at rear first floor level; erection of a full height extract duct on the rear of 1 Moxon Street. [Site includes 1, 3, 5 and 7 Moxon Street].

    no objection:   On the basis that: the plant equipment on the first floor level and associated extract flue meets planning conditions with regards acoustic levels; and that the addition of the third floor mansard meets planning conditions with regards daylight and overlooking.

       JT:  08 January 2021         

    1 Chiltern Street  20/07858/FULL/ PP- 09221407Variation of Condition 21 of planning permission dated 18 December 2014 (RN: 14/08741/FULL) for 'Use of the fire station as a 26 bed hotel (Class C1). Demolition of part of the existing building at the rear, including demolition of enclosures in the ground floor and basement courtyards and demolition of the steel practice tower. Erection of a part three and five-storey wing to main building. Excavation of courtyard to create basement level accommodation, including plant room. Rear extensions to main building. External and internal alterations; namely minor internal alterations at ground to third floor, alterations to glazing at basement to third floor, raising parapet wall at ground and first floor (south elevation), addition of rooflight at 1st floor, double glazed windows within doors to terrace at 2nd floor, repositioned roof access hatch at fourth floor (roof), flue at roof level within recessed dormers (north west corner), omission of louvered roof grill, window cill droped to create doors at basement and ground floor'; NAMELY, to amend the wording to read "The courtyard area shall not be used for outside dining/drinking between 21:00 hours each day and 09:00 hours the following morning, except for a period of 12 months from the date of this decision when the courtyard area can be used between the hours of 09:00 and 23:00 each day".

    Objection:   We object on the basis that it will have a detrimental effect on the amenity of neighbouring residents.

    Residential amenity will be negatively impacted through an increase in noise and disturbance caused by an extension in the hours of opening. The extended hours of opening will result in a longer period during which noise and vibrations are generated by the premises and patrons. Additionally, as a result of the application proposals, noise will be generated for an extended period into the night caused by staff clearing up tables, and carrying out noise-generating activities such as the disposal of glass bottles into bottle bins, thereby harming the amenity of neighboring residents.      JT:  08 January 2021


    Development Site At 5-9 Marble Arch, 2-20 (evens) Edgware Road & 53-59 (odd) Bryanston Street  20/08238/FULL/ PP- 09261866  Use of basement, mezzanine and ground floor as indoor fitness and recreation centre (Class E).

    No Objection:   On the basis that the proposed change of use is in accordance with local development planning policy.   JT:  08 January 2021

  • Tue, February 09, 2021 10:47 AM | Anonymous


    13 - 14 Welbeck Street 20/06197/FULL/PP-09068104  Internal and external alterations to the building including a new pitched roof extension at 13 Welbeck Street, a new lightwell at lower ground floor level of 14 Welbeck Street, new roof terraces at rear ground and first floor levels and installation of plant at roof level and rear first floor level. (Linked to 20/06198/LBC) 


    No Objection:                                    DM:  16 November 2020


    7 Bentinck Street  20/06552/FULL/PP-09164546 Use of the ground and second floor levels as office accommodation (Class E). (Part of land use swap with 7 Devonshire Row Mews). 

    no objection:           DM:  16 November 2020


    7 Devonshire Row Mews  20/06554/FULL/ PP-09161147  Erection of a mansard roof extension including dormers and rooflights to create two bedroom dwelling. Use of ground floor as a self contained residential unit (Class C3) including alterations to frontage; provision of a lightwell to rear of property; and replacement doors and windows. (Part of land use swap with 7 Bentinck Street - ground and second floor). 

    No Objection:           DM:  17 November 2020


    16 Devonshire Close 20/06418/FULL/ PP-09151845  Use of the ground floor as residential (class C3), installation of new and replacement rooflights, replacement windows to front elevation, replacement roof tiles, new entrance door and garage doors, installation of bin store and repairs and painting of brickwork. 

    No Objection:           DM:  17 November 2020

    Flat 3 40 Montagu Square 20/06617/FULL/ PP-09151559  Remodelling and refurbishment of a third and fourth floor flat including replacement windows and a replacement enlarged roof light. (Linked to 20/06618/LBC)

    No Objection:            DM:  17 November 2020

    3 Spanish Place  20/05132/FULL/PP-08971462  Installation of four air conditioning units in an enclosure within an internal basement lightwell and internal alterations throughout the basement. Installation of signage and facade lighting within the front lightwell. (Linked to 20/04834/LBC)

    Objection:  On the grounds of noise. The applicant proposes the external installation of no.4 AC condenser units which, according to the supporting Plant Noise Assessment report, will raise noise levels. However, no noise mitigation measures such as an acoustic enclosure are proposed. Should the local authority be minded to grant approval, The Association recommends that this be conditioned on adequate proposals for noise mitigation.         DM:  19 November 2020

    GROUNd FLOor 30 Queen Anne Street  20/06419/FULL/PP-09126497  Erection of an extension at lower ground and ground floor level within rear lightwell. Erection of a single storey extension at first floor level to the rear of the property for use as offices.

    No Objection:           DM:  19 November 2020


  • Tue, February 09, 2021 10:46 AM | Anonymous


    53 Paddington Street 20/04837/FULL/PP-08941664   Erection of rear extension over ground, first and second floor level, use of part garden floor, part ground floor and all of first, second and third floors as one residential unit (Class C3) and installation of double glazed windows on front and rear elevations, extension with bi-fold doors at garden level to the rear, and provision of cycle storage for the residential unit in the rear garden, installation of fire escape access hatch to the raised ground floor paved area on Paddington Street with fire escape ladder below at basement level, new rooflight to main pitch roof above third floor stairs landing and includes a single-storey rear extension at ground floor level with internal reconfiguration of existing space to the rear at the same level to create an Ante Room to the previously approved residential unit.

    Insufficient Information:   Given the limited information on the adjoining properties it is difficult to assess the impact of the proposed Ante room extension's additional height and bulk on adjoining properties. Given the extent of previous consents it seems modest in itself but it is hard to judge the impact of the combined proposals on adjoining properties with such limited information.        LT:  11 September 2020


    15 Mansfield Street  20/05446/FULL /PP-09014113  Removal of existing roof top plant rooms. Erection of single storey pitched roof extension above existing third floor. External alterations including reinstatement of chimney and gable to parapet lines. Alterations to existing fenestration to create "blind windows" to north elevation. Associated internal alterations. Installation of plant equipment. (Linked to 20/05447/LBC)

    Comment:   The proposals are broadly welcomed. There are 2 curious elements that we do not feel are necessary, nor improve the application:

    1. The addition of the middle chimney, where there is no integrated function. Marylebone is not a stage set. If there is a functional requirement for ventilation, it should be explicit.
    2. The blind windows inclusion when the internal function is for an open plan office arrangement where a window would improve the opportunity for natural ventilation.
    The inclusion of a line of blind windows on the New Cavendish Street elevation to reference the Georgian floor plan of the original building, which is not faithfully reproduced in the current facsimile. We do not agree that their inclusion enhances the character and appearance of the conservation area, simply because it would be 'closer to the original'.
    If they are to remain part of the application the removal of the existing windows are not shown on the demolition plans, which should be updated for completeness.

                     LT:  11 September 2020


    1 Barrett Street  20/04535/FULL/PP-08857396 Demolition of 1 Barrett Street behind retained façade and retained structural ground floor and demolition of 2 Barrett Street to structural frame and floorplates. Erection of replacement building over basement, ground and five upper floors at 1 Barrett Street and erection of replacement facades and new fifth floor to 2 Barrett Street with roof level plant/plant screen, photovoltaic panels and green roof. Use of part basement and part ground floor level as restaurant (Class A3). Use of first floor as flexible restaurant (Class A3) or office (Class B1). Use of part basement, part ground and second to fifth floor as offices (Class B1). (Application linked via land-use swap with 21-22 Barrett Street & 24 James Street).

    No Objection:   Given the comprehensive nature of the proposed changes, it is perhaps questionable whether retaining the facade of 1 Barrett Street is worth it, given the additional complexity, but that aside, there is much to support in the application.  The proposals will enhance the Conservation Area and are welcomed.           LT:  11 September 2020


    John Lewis 278-306 Oxford Street 20/05403/FULL/PP-08998245 Dual/alternative use of part sub-basement, part ground, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth floors for either continued retail (Class A1) and/or office use (Class B1). External alterations including the installation of a new office entrance to the corner of Holles Street and Cavendish Square elevations, installation of a lift over-run at roof level and removal of canopies.

    Comment:   We support the potential adaption to flexible use and office use and the associated changes to the building and support the long term presence of John Lewis on the site.

    The addition of the cycle hub for 274 cycles is welcomed, with suitable facilities to suit.  However, given it is located in the sub basement we question if a single lift to access is sufficient, with bikes, and it is unfortunate that the 3 main lifts do not continue to this level so that at the beginning and end of the day there could be a direct connection from the cycle facility to the office.  This would encourage a more practical use of bicycles as part of the active travel plan.

                   LT:  11 September 2020

    New Cavendish Street 20/04580/FULL/PP- 08848632 Use of a room at third floor level as Osteopathy, Nutritionist, Sports Massage and Pilates for a temporary period of five years.

    No Objection:   No objection to the change of use, given the existing and proposed uses and retention of existing hours of use etc.          LT:  11 September 2020

    BASEMENT TO FIRST FLOOR 121 Crawford Street 20/04969/FULL/PP-08960149  Dual / alternative use of the basement, ground and first floors as either office (B1) or medical (D1) accommodation.

    No Objection:            LT:  11 September 2020

    1 Kenrick Place  20/05452/FULL/PP-08994910Convertion of the garage into residential floorspace (Class C3), creation of two new sash windows at ground floor. Replacement of all existing sash windows with like for like double glazed windows. Addition of a new rooflight and replacement of the existing rooflight on rear elevation roof with new heritage rooflights. Creation of a flat roof skylight on the rear terrace, concealed by the parapet wall.

    No Objection:  Although the refuse and recycling storage needs further consideration to avoid it being impractical and as a default being left out in the mews.  

    Consideration could have been given to an additional (3rd) window at 1F and 2F levels.

                     LT:  11 September 2020

    30 Gloucester Place 20/05302/LBC/PP-08980026Internal reconfigurations at basement, ground, first, second, third and roof level, including the reduction of the basement footprint, demolition of the lift machine room, demolition and relocation of the waste chute and lift, re-configuration of the office internal stair core, creation of an office lobby area, improvements to the retail arcade layout, re-configuration of the residential corridor and units at first floor. Externally consent is sought for the removal of the existing BMU, introduction of a new MEP louvre, demolition of the railings on top of the lightwell, proposed MEP risers, insertion of a new brick screen at roof level to match the existing, windows to be refurbished to match the existing, new proposed windows to parts of the north and south elevation at first floor as a result of the internal reconfigurations and associated works.

    No Objection:             LT:  11 September 2020

  • Mon, February 08, 2021 10:48 AM | Anonymous


    Development Site At 5-9 Marble Arch, 2-20 (evens) Edgware Road & 53-59 (odd) Bryanston Street 20/03900/FULL/PP-08701266  Flexible use of lower ground and ground floor of Unit 4 as drinking establishment (class A4) or cafe and restaurant (class A3).

    No Objection:   On the condition that nearby residents and other neighbours are not affected by kitchen odours or extraction, nor by noise outside the proposed drinking establishment caused by patrons. | Use of part ground floor from Class B1 (office) to a flexible use for either Class B1 (office) or Class D1 (non-residential institutions)

                NMcL:  20July 2020


    Office G01 83 Baker Street  20/03917/FULL /PP-08828629  Use of part ground floor from Class B1 (office) to a flexible use for either Class B1 (office) or Class D1 (non-residential institutions)

    No Objection:        NMcL:  20July 2020


    1-7 Harley Street  20/03361/FULL /PP-08649625 Partial demolition behind front facade of 1-5 Harley Street and full demolition behind facade of 7 Harley Street to provide a new building for medical use (Class D1) on new sub-basement, lower ground, ground, part ground floor mezzanine and first to fourth floors; installation of a new sub station at rear ground floor level and the installation of new plant. (Linked application - 20/03362/LBC)

    No Objection:        NMcL:  20July 2020

    43 Chiltern Street  20/03940/FULL /PP-08831814  Replacement of existing shopfront

    Objection:   The proposed shopfront does not follow the Westminster City Council Shopfront Design Guide and will be a detriment to the Portman Estate conservation area.      

         NMcL:  20July 2020

  • Mon, June 22, 2020 8:29 AM | Anonymous

    101 SEYMOUR PLACE  20/02355/FULL/PP-08598896 Use of building as five residential flats (Class C3). External alteration including the installation of a replacement roof light and installation of

    a lift overrun

    Comment:   All 3 of the proposed ‘1 bed flats’ fall short of London plan space standards. They are in effect studio flats. The proposed ‘2 bed flat’ on the third floor is also a studio flat at 39sq.m. The Association would be mindful to request dimensions on the plans and a justification of the areas quoted as there are clearly discrepancies in the information provided. For example the first and second floor footprints, benefiting from bay windows, are larger than the third floor footprint. Yet the applicant has provided an identical area measurement for all 3 floors.                           DM:  4 May 2020


    49 YORK STREET   20/02288/FULL/PP-08629741 Alterations and refurbishment of seven basement pavement vaults for use ancillary to the five flats of the main property. Linked to 20/02289/LBC

    No Objection                                                                                                        DM:  4 May 2020


    307 - 309 REGENT STREET   20/02488/FULL/PP-08008110   External alterations including demolition of boardroom roof, building up flat roof and pitched roofs, installation of replacement roof tiles on all roofs, asphalt finish on flat roof and replacement rooflight glazing, installation of balustrading on Board room and Hallway roof and replacement of plant (LINKED TO 20/02489/LBC).

    No Objection                                                                                                       DM:  15 May 2020                                                                                               

    4 BENTINCK STREET  20/02753/FULL PP-08669573  Formation of two terrace areas within central lightwell and rear roofspace at second floor including new door, replacement green roof formed at second and third floor roof levels, formation of green wall at basement level, removal of slated timber screens to windows and alteration to building signage.

    No Objection   Subject to the provision of a robust building management plan limiting the terraces hours of use to normal office working hours.                                          DM:  15 May 2020


    122 WIGMORE STREET  20/02434/FULL/PP-08640588  Erection of a rear lift extension from basement to third floor and general refurbishment of office building, internal layout changes to restore historic plan and new front basement closing in of porch area with associated works. (Linked to 20/02435/LBC)

    No Objection                                                                                                        DM:  15 May 2020

  • Fri, May 01, 2020 12:03 PM | Anonymous


    1 - 2 Welbeck Street 20/01749/FULL/PP-08487912 Alterations including an extension to the sixth floor front terrace, erection of a freestanding plant enclosure in the rear service courtyard with an associated ductwork support gantry/framework at rear second and third floor level and full height ductwork; installation of a quench pipe and exhaust flue to the rear and roof level plant; alterations to rear and front windows, provision of a waste store and bicycle storage in an existing service tunnel at 3 Welbeck Street, use of the building for dual alternative office (Class B1) and/or (Class D1) medical purposes (site includes 3 Welbeck Street). |cr||cr|Alterations including an extension to the sixth floor front terrace, erection of a freestanding plant enclosure in the rear service courtyard with an associated ductwork support gantry/framework at rear second and third floor level and full height ductwork; installation of a quench pipe and exhaust flue to the rear and roof level plant; alterations to rear and front windows, provision of a waste store and bicycle storage compound in the rear courtyard; use of the building for dual alternative office (Class B1) and/or (Class D1) medical purposes 

    No Objection:   assuming the additional plant meets planning conditions regarding noise.

                          JT:  14 April 2020

    11 - 12 Wigmore Place  20/01830/FULL/PP-08570209 Removal and replacement of ground floor entrance door and screen. 

    Declaration of Interest - The Association would like it noted that a member of their planning panel has links with this application.

    This member has not been involved in making the submission below.

    No Objection:                        JT:  14 April 2020       

    7 Picton Place  20/02093/FULL/ PP-08475025 Installation of a kitchen extract fan and kitchen supply fan. 

    No Objection:   Assuming that planning conditions relating to noise, operating hours, and exhaust smell are achieved.                                  JT:  14 April 2020

  • Sat, February 01, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous


    103 GLOUCESTER PLACE   19/09963/FULL   Alterations to existing ground floor flat and erection of rear extensions at ground and mezzanine floor levels to create a new one bedroom and duplex studio flats at 103B. (Linked application 19/09965/LBC

    No Objection:              JT:  17 January 2020

    107 DEVONSHIRE MEWS SOUTH   19/08533/FULL/PP-08269524   Excavation of a basement, replacement of 2 windows at first floor front elevation, and internal modifications. (Linked to 19/08529/LBC) 

    No Objection:   Assuming the neighbouring residential amenity is protected during the excavation works.             JT:  17 January 2020

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