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Planning Application - MA Responses for May 2020

Mon, June 22, 2020 8:29 AM | Anonymous

101 SEYMOUR PLACE  20/02355/FULL/PP-08598896 Use of building as five residential flats (Class C3). External alteration including the installation of a replacement roof light and installation of

a lift overrun

Comment:   All 3 of the proposed ‘1 bed flats’ fall short of London plan space standards. They are in effect studio flats. The proposed ‘2 bed flat’ on the third floor is also a studio flat at 39sq.m. The Association would be mindful to request dimensions on the plans and a justification of the areas quoted as there are clearly discrepancies in the information provided. For example the first and second floor footprints, benefiting from bay windows, are larger than the third floor footprint. Yet the applicant has provided an identical area measurement for all 3 floors.                           DM:  4 May 2020


49 YORK STREET   20/02288/FULL/PP-08629741 Alterations and refurbishment of seven basement pavement vaults for use ancillary to the five flats of the main property. Linked to 20/02289/LBC

No Objection                                                                                                        DM:  4 May 2020


307 - 309 REGENT STREET   20/02488/FULL/PP-08008110   External alterations including demolition of boardroom roof, building up flat roof and pitched roofs, installation of replacement roof tiles on all roofs, asphalt finish on flat roof and replacement rooflight glazing, installation of balustrading on Board room and Hallway roof and replacement of plant (LINKED TO 20/02489/LBC).

No Objection                                                                                                       DM:  15 May 2020                                                                                               

4 BENTINCK STREET  20/02753/FULL PP-08669573  Formation of two terrace areas within central lightwell and rear roofspace at second floor including new door, replacement green roof formed at second and third floor roof levels, formation of green wall at basement level, removal of slated timber screens to windows and alteration to building signage.

No Objection   Subject to the provision of a robust building management plan limiting the terraces hours of use to normal office working hours.                                          DM:  15 May 2020


122 WIGMORE STREET  20/02434/FULL/PP-08640588  Erection of a rear lift extension from basement to third floor and general refurbishment of office building, internal layout changes to restore historic plan and new front basement closing in of porch area with associated works. (Linked to 20/02435/LBC)

No Objection                                                                                                        DM:  15 May 2020


The Marylebone Association

6 Wimpole Street




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