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Planning Application - MA Responses for December 2019

Mon, January 27, 2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous


VINCENT COURT  SEYMOUR PLACE  19/07240/FULL/PP-08142255   Erection of single storey roof extension to Vincent Court at third floor level to provide 8 self contained units (Class C3) together with the erection of two lift enclosures to the front elevation, refurbishment of the main entrances, replacement windows, roof terraces, balconies to the rear elevation, bike storage, bin storage and other associated works. (Linked to )

Objection:   The Marylebone Association aims to support the creation of well designed additional roof top dwellings to help meet London's housing crisis. Given the sensitivity of the roof scapes in Marylebone and the impact any additional height has on adjacent properties, the Association requests that any such proposals are designed to the highest design and sustainability standards and take due regard to this sensitivity.

While in broader townscape terms the height of the existing building and the adjacent buildings on Seymour Place suggest that additional height could be achieved here, it is clear from local concerns that these high standards have not yet been met. 

1. Impact of Lifts on Portman Estate Conservation Area:
The proposed lifts onto Seymour Place and their design would have a significant street presence and an impact on the Conservation Area. They would fail to preserve or enhance the character of the Conservation Area.

2. External Amenity and overlooking
The addition of the external amenity space at rooftop level will significantly increase the overlooking of the gardens below and of nearby homes. 
The addition of the balconies would increase the overlooking of the gardens below and of the flats themselves. 
Potential noise and disturbance from the shared communal rooftop amenity to other local residential properties.

3. Daylight & sunlight
The impact of the proposals on existing gardens, to the East, onto Bryanston Mews West, should be clearly demonstrated and is not adequately covered in the Daylight and Sunlight report.

4. Refuse strategy
The refuse strategy should be revised to consider utilising the current refuse shute system, which would help minimise the impact on existing properties.

5. Sustainability
The proposals need to provide further justification as to why the design is sustainable and to include what measures have been incorporated to minimise its impact on climate change.

The demand for new homes and housing need in London could be partially met with roof top extensions, however due to the reasons outlined above, the quality of this application raises significant concerns its current form and should be refused. We request that The Marylebone Association is consulted directly on any revised proposal.              LT:  10 December 2019


The Marylebone Association

6 Wimpole Street




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