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Planning Application - MA Responses for February 2019

Fri, March 01, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous

Please find below responses to planning applications by the Marylebone Association Planning sub-committee. Any comments should be referred to Neil Wilson. planning@marylebone.org

FLAT 2 19 UPPER WIMPOLE STREET 18/10763/FULL/PP-07496598 Window to be widened and sill height lowered. New window to be installed. Existing front door to be replaced by curved door. Remove existing steel staircase and replace with new wooden staircase. Install solid infill panel in place of glazing panel. Including reconfiguration of internal spaces. (Linked with 18/10764/LBC)

No Objection : VS: 11 February 2019

15-20 MANCHESTER SQUARE 18/10640/FULL/PP-07419022 Erection of a single storey roof extension at fifth floor and rear extension at second to fifth floor level in connection with existing office (Class B1) use, provision of new main office entrance, flexible use of part ground and basement floor for either retail or office use (Class A1/B1), creation of roof terrace at fifth floor level, provision of cycle parking spaces and facilities, roof plant and associated external alterations.

Comment: The colouring of the fa├žade is welcomed however the level of brick sooting should be agreed through sample panels. An exemplary CMP is expected to minimise disruption during the construction process. VS: 11 February 2019

FLAT 2 19 UPPER WIMPOLE STREET 1810767/FULL/PP-07505981 Replacement of the two sash windows on the front facade at ground level. (Linked with 18/10768/LBC)

Commment: The wholesale replacement of fabric which potentially has historic value, should be measured against an assessment of significance - without this information, an informed decision cannot be made. Consideration could be given to introducing secondary glazing to overcome the issues raised.   VS: 11 February 2019

74,76 & 78 MARYLEBONE LANE 18/10845/FULL/PP-07507858 Erection of a new mansard roof extension to create a new 3 bedroom family unit at 4th floor (existing roof) level, including 11 dormer windows, four conservation roof lights, a rear terrace and new air conditioning plant on roof. (Part of a land use swap with 56 Queen Anne Street, Block D Ossington Buildings)

No Objection : VS: 11 February 2019

4 DUKE STREET 18/10884/FULL/PP-07475812 Use of the basement, ground, first and second floor office for medical (class D1) use for a temporary period until 30 June 2024 

No Objection : VS: 11 February 2019

D BLOCK OSSINGTON BUILDINGS 18/10843/FULL/PP-07389954 Formation of 1No. new bedroom apartment in roofspace, including eight new dormer windows. (Part of a land use swap with 56 Queen Anne Street, 74, 76 and 78 Marylebone Lane) 

No Objection : VS: 11 February 2019

56 QUEEN ANNE STREET 18/10844/FULL/PP-07498621 Use of the third floor for office (Class B1) purposes. (Part of a land use swap with Block D Ossington Buldings, 74 Marylebone Lane and 78 Marylebone Lane)

No Objection : VS: 11 February 2019

110 MARYLEBONE HIGH STREET 19/00563/FULL/PP-07529817 Temporary change of use of part of the lower ground and ground floor to Class D2 gym use for a period of 25 years and installation of plant at 1st and 3rd floors of the building.

No Objection : We would only ask officers to ensure that the environmental health officer requirements are met. TB: 26 February 2019

60 WIMPOLE STREET 19/00416/FULL/PP-06785330 Demolition of existing rear link building and replacement with new 2 storey building including mansard roof plant space. Infill at basement level to create new medical consulting room. Demolition of pitched roof at 2nd floor level and mansard roof at 3rd floor level and replacement with new half storey vertical


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