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Planning Application - MA Responses for December 2018

Tue, January 01, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous

Please find below responses to planning applications by the Marylebone Association Planning sub-committee. Any comments should be referred to Neil Wilson. planning@marylebone.org

15-17 EDGWARE ROAD 18/09296/TELECOM Installation of telephone kiosk outside 15-17 Edgware Road.

Objection: We are seriously concerned with the overall design, size, bulk and crude detail-design of these items. In their current proposed format they will have too much impact on the clutter of our public realm, and we believe they will not weather well over time, unless better detailing and higher quality materials are used. We also have concerns relating to how well they will be maintained. Moreover, other authorities in the country have identified problems created by these types of installation relating to drug-dealing, hoax 999 calls, street robbery, and other antisocial behavior. These installations are a further unwelcome advertising intrusion on public spaces and an assault on the senses, particularly in sensitive conservation areas.

SQ: 10 December 2018

FLAT 125 2-4 MONTAGU MANSIONS 18/09664/FULL/PP-07404181 Amalgamation of flats Flat 125 and Flat 126 as single dwelling unit (Class C3).

No Objection: We are happy to support residents ability to adapt properties to suit their changing needs and remain in Marylebone, especially when they are sensitively designed so as to be easily reversible in the future. LT: 11 December 2018

103-105 CRAWFORD STREET 18/09810/FULL/PP-07382925 Erection of a rear extension at rear first floor level, relocation of the existing office accommodation (Class B1) at 1st floor level to the new extension and use of the existing 1st floor office area as 2 residential units (Class C3). Relocation of existing plant items to the new roof level at rear second floor level with associated screening and acoustic requirements.

Comment: If officers are minded to grant consent for the proposals, we ask that the extent of the proposed first floor rear volume be considered. Equally, as a potential precedent for further harmful development to the neighbouring unlisted buildings of merit along Crawford Street in the future. We also ask that the loss of B1 use to the street face and a loss of access to external space for the building users also be considered. TB: 13 December 2018

36-40 HALLAM STREET 18/09755/FULL/PP-07426122 Erection of a single storey courtyard extension at first floor level onto an existing terrace.

No Objection: TB: 13 December 2018

44 UPPER MONTAGU STREET 18/09710/FULL/PP-07417417 Excavation of a basement level below existing rear closet wing at lower ground level, lowering of rear courtyard level, lowering of the pavement vaults floor level by 600mm; creation of infill extension in front lightwell below doorway bridge; creation of roof terrace at rear-first floor level; and change of use to a single family dwelling with associated external and internal alterations. (Linked with 18/09711/LBC)|cr||cr|

No Objection: We support the Grade II listed building being restored to its original use. However, ask officers to consider the impact that the introduction of a roof terrace will have on the privacy of the neighbouring properties. TB: 13 December 2018

27 PORTLAND PLACE 18/09816/FULL/PP-07409913 Replacement of windows to all elevations with double-glazed windows. (Linked to 18/09184/LBC)

No Objection: TB: 13 December 2018

129-137 MARYLEBONE ROAD 18/09637/FULL/PP-07392562 Partial demolition and redevelopment to provide a building ranging from ground plus 3 storeys to ground plus 9 storeys comprising office floorspace (Class B1), associated cycle parking, landscaping, internal servicing bay and other relevant works.

Comments: The Marylebone Association are supportive of the development on the site in principle. The reuse of the 1930s building and removal of the 1960s building are most welcome. We are also supportive, in principle, of the increase in scale and note the detailed considerations made on the south elevations to reduce any negative impact. 
However, there are still reservations regarding the overall height of the building. It rises above its larger neighbours on Marylebone Road by one storey. This additional storey is noted to have negative impacts on key views. The scheme’s simplification of the existing building with the loss of its traditional decorative details coupled with the increased height, results in a less favourable termination of Great Central Street compared to the existing. We ask officers to consider the improvements that a reduction of the overall height of the proposed building by one storey might bring. TB: 13 December 2018

9 WEYMOUTH MEWS 18/09922/FULL/PP-07437787 Alterations to the front and rear elevations; extension of a link at first floor level; replacement of the roof to the rear with addition of solar panels and installation of an air conditioning unit on roof.

No Objection: Assuming the addition of the air conditioning unit on the reconstructed Mews roof meets current planning conditions regarding noise. TB: 13 December 2018

22 WEYMOUTH STREET 18/09929/FULL/PP-07432706 Installation of four lightwells, associated pavement grilles and evergreen hedgerow at front elevation. Additionally a lantern light is proposed to be reinstated over the principal stair, including internal alterations. (Linked with 18/09930/LBC)

Comment: Whilst the Association does not, in principle, object to the proposed lightwells on Weymouth Steet and their associated pavement grilles, we are not convinced by the addition of box hedging to conceal said grilles. Perhaps an upstand and railings, more in keeping with the area, would be more appropriate. DM: 19 December 2018

94A CRAWFORD STREET 18/08971/FULL/PP-07369111 Alterations to shopfront, installation of awning, installation of extract duct routed internally to terminate at main roof level and internal works at all floor levels. (Linked to 18/08972/LBC)

Objection: The three generous window bays at ground floor, facing onto Crawford Street, make a significant and positive contribution to the building’s character. The insertion of a double door in place of the central bay alters this defining characteristic and it is not clear why this is necessary or that this change is justified. DM: 20 December 2018

178-180 EDGWARE ROAD 18/10062/P3JPA Use of the first floor as 5no. residential units (Class C3) and add a new mezzanine floor between first and second floors.

Comment: No objection in principle to a change of use to residential units in this location. However, the proposal for 5 flats includes one studio of only 20sq.m, falling significantly short of London Plan space standards, which we do object to. Furthermore, no Design & Access Statement has been provided and no sections to assess floor to ceiling heights in the proposed mezzanine. This lack of information makes it difficult to comment on the proposal and we recommend the applicant submit this. DM: 21 December 2018

26-37 SEYMOUR MEWS HOUSE SEYMOUR MEWS 18/10114/FULL/PP-07453744 Variation of conditions 1, 6 and 7 of planning permission dated 10 September (RN: 18/06022/FULL) which itself varied condition 1 of planning permission dated 30 January 2018 (RN 17/08835/FULL) for, 'Erection of a single storey extension at fifth floor level (with lift over-run above) and infill extension at ground floor; installation of 13 no. condenser units at rear first floor level; terraces at fourth and fifth floors, alterations to existing facade and alterations to the office entrance, all in connection with the existing use of the building as offices (Class B1)'; Namely, to allow a third floor terrace on the north and eastern elevations

No Objection: However, should the local authority be mindful to consent this application, the Association suggests that this is a temporary consent to ensure no detriment to the local amenity. DM: 21 December 2018

16 FITZHARDINGE STREET 18/09875/FULL/P/IAP00028023-001 External alterations to a single-family dwelling including the removal and replacement of the rear conservatory. (Linked to 18/09876/LBC)

No Objection: DM: 21 December 2018

31 NEW CAVENDISH STREET 18/10605/FULL/PP-07461863 Use of lower ground and ground floor as marketing suites (Class A2) for temporary period of 5 years.

No Comment: JH: 21 December 2018

FLAT 1 4-6 MANDEVILLE PLACE 18/10336/FULL/PP-07465305 Erection of an extension at first floor within a lightwell to enlarge dwelling (Class C3).

No Objection: JH: 21 December 2018


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