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Planning Application - MA Responses for July 2018

Thu, August 02, 2018 12:00 PM | Anonymous

Please find below responses to planning applications by the Marylebone Association Planning sub-committee. Any comments should be referred to Neil Wilson. neil.wilson@marylebone.org

9 HOLLES STREET 18/03075/FULL/PP-06899249  Use as a food court (Class A1/A3 with ancillary A4 and A5 uses), creation of mezzanine between ground and first floor, external alterations, installation of plant equipment and associated works

No Objection: The Marylebone Association support the application in principle, and should WCC be minded to consent the application, the MA requests that controls are put in place to carefully monitor the delivery and servicing plan proposed, to ensure this does not impact negatively on the vicinity. VS: 2 July 2018

67 WIMPOLE STREET 18/03682/FULL/PP-06949209 Use of rear basement for office (Class B1) purposes. Associated internal alterations. (Linked with 18/03683/LBC)

No Objection: VS: 2 July 2018

42 JAMES STREET 18/04286/FULL/PP-06990612 Lowering of the existing basement floor level and associated alterations. (site includes 44 James Street) 

No Objection: VS: 2 July 2018

21-22 BARRETT STREET 18/05476/FULL/PP-07036403 Dual/alternative use of the first, second and third floor for either office (Class B1a) or residential (Class C3) use. (Renewal of planning permission 15/06626/FULL)

No Objection: TB: 13 July 2018

76-78 PORTLAND PLACE 18/05396/FULL/PP-7083830 Variation of condition 1 and 8 of planning permission dated 14 May 2014 (RN: 14/02206/FULL) for the Alterations to the front and rear elevations, including installation of replacement windows to the front elevation and from first to sixth floor on the rear elevation, new entrance doors, rooflights to the main building at rear first floor level, a glazed link between the main building and the mews at the rear and alterations to the facade of the mews, all for continued use for institutional purposes. NAMELY, to allow alteration and reinstatement of the roof garden.

No Objection: However, we encourage officers to consider the impact on 74 Portland Place residences and Hallam Street carefully who overlook the roof terrace and ensure appropriate conditions are in place. TB: 13 July 2018

103 GLOUCESTER PLACE 18/05413/FUL Variation of Condition 1 of planning permission dated 25 April 2017 (RN: 17/00618) for Alterations to existing ground floor flat and erection of rear extensions at ground and mezzanine floor levels to create a new one bedroom duplex flat at 103B. NAMELY, to allow small conservatory extension to ground floor level (linked to 18/05414/LBC)

Holding Objection: It is unclear from the drawings if overlooking will be an issue for the proposed rooms and that of the neighbours. TB: 13 July 2018

17 HARLEY STREET 18/05528/FULL/PP-07069815 Lowering the floor level at basement level by a further 700mm (Retrospective), removal of the raised timber floor to expose original flooring at first floor level, internal alteration to new proposed fire escape including the alteration for the facade of 6 Wigmore Place. Installation of transformer in basement vault including 300mm excavation. Alterations to the location of the waste and cycle storage (no loss). Alteration to roof light design and position, alterations to window designs and various alterations to doors including rehanging, reinstatement and widening. Reinstatement of the vaulted ceiling and decorated stucco ceiling uncovered during current works. (Linked to 18/05529/LBC)

No Comment: It is unclear from the drawings if overlooking will be an issue for the proposed rooms and that of the neighbours. TB: 13 July 2018

55 NEW CAVENDISH STREET 18/05398/FULL/PP-07063919 Use of the building as medical use (Class D1) for a temporary period of 30 years.

No Objection: TB: 13 July 2018

91-93 BAKER STREET 18/05488/FULL/PP-07088302 Creation of new fifth floor terrace including access from the fifth floor office accommodation and modification to height of existing guarding.

No Objection: However, Officers might consider that the terrace is only used for B1 office use within normal office hours to reduce the impact on adjoining properties, with restricted hours of use between 20:30hrs and 08.00. TB: 13 July 2018

5-7 MANDEVILLE PLACE 18/05076/FULL/PP-07052127 Alterations to the ground floor entrance on Mandeville Place to provide DDA access, creation of a new entrance to 5 Mandeville Place, alterations to the basement fenestration on Mandeville Place, alterations to the rear entrance on Dukes Mews, replacement of rear terrace railings, installation of roof level metal balustrade and alterations to front roof pitch to extend the size of the existing roof terrace. Use of lower ground and ground floor as dual/alternative B1 office and/or D1 clinic/health centre.

Holding Objection: The proposed changes are overall welcomed but will the proposed enlarged recess here create more potential for anti-social behaviour, in terms of rough sleepers? 
Officers should note the precedent for circular fanlights to adjacent porticos for the new door proposed to No.5 Mandeville Place entrance. TB: 13 July 2018

14 WIGMORE PLACE 18/05864/FULL/PP-07119270 Erection of a part single, part two storey rear glazed extension, alterations to side elevations of 31 Queen Anne Street, use of lower ground floor level as extension of residential accommodation and amalgamation of enlarged dwelling and flat at lower ground floor level of 31 Queen Anne Street to create a three bedroom Mews House. (Linked to 18/05865/LBC) (Site includes 31 Queen Anne Street)

No Objection: DM: 17 July 2018

5 CAVENDISH PLACE  18/05782/FULL/PP-07065323 Use of basement and ground floor for fitness studio and retail purposes (sui generis) for a temporary period of 15 years.

No Objection: DM: 17 July 2018

30-34 JAMES STREET 18/05469/FULL/PP-07089001 Replacement kitchen extract riser on rear elevation and air conditioning plant on rear lower flat roof.

Comment: Should the local authority be mindful to grant approval The Association recommends that this is subject to the provision of additional detailed information with regards to the proposed plant/ acoustic enclosure at roof level illustrating: • How the enclosure will mitigate noise and comply with local authority guidelines on noise. • The visual impact of said enclosure. Whilst this is not visible from the street it is visible from neighbouring properties and has the potential to be an unsightly addition. DM: 17 July 2018

7 MANSFIELD STREET 18/05028/FULL/PP-07053053 Replacement of rear entrance and garage doors with timber doors, alterations to internal courtyard, installation of lift and roof level lift enclosure, internal refurbishment with alterations and adaptations, and associated works. Linked to 18/05029/LBC

No Objection: The proposed works protect the heritage asset and improve its function while impacting minimally on the surrounding area. LT: 17 July 2018

12 UPPER WIMPOLE STREET Use of basement as medical services (Class D1). (Land use swap with Howard House 22-24 Moxon Street). Linked to 18/05701/LBC and 18/05699/FULL

No Objection: DM: 19 July 2018

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT At 1-4 MARBLE ARCH AND 1-1A  GREAT CUMBERLAND Variation of condition 1 and 21 of planning permission dated 12 October 2017 (RN: 17/02923/FULL) for the Demolition and redevelopment behind retained facade to provide a building of two basements, ground, part mezzanine and eight upper storeys accommodating retail (Class A1), office (Class B1) and flexible retail / office (Class A1 / B1) floorspace, alterations to retained facades including replacement windows to the east and south facades, alterations to facing material at rear elevations, clarification of facade reconstruction at parts of ground, first, sixth and seventh floors, alterations to office entrance, reduction of lightwell size on Great Cumberland Place, and reduction of doorway recesses at building entrances.

No Objection: DM: 19 July 2018


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