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Planning Application - MA Responses for December

Thu, May 31, 2018 5:35 AM | Anonymous

Please find below responses to planning applications by the Marylebone Association Planning sub-committee. Any comments should be referred to Neil Wilson. neil.wilson@marylebone.org

50 JAMES STREET 17/09414/FULL/PP-06467463  Increase in height of the existing butterfly roof by 0.5m, replacement of existing roof light on the rear flat roof, and installation of new windows throughout the property. 

No Objection:               VS:  5 December 2017

14 SHERLOCK MEWS 17/09499/FULL/PP-06482823   Variation of condition 1 of planning permission dated 23 June 2015 (RN: 14/10743/FULL) for the Demolition of rear facade of Nos. 96-98 Baker Street and front and rear facades of No. 14 Sherlock Mews, erection of replacement shopfronts to Baker Street facade, erection of replacement rear facade to Nos. 96-98 Baker Street, erection of replacement facades to No. 14 Sherlock Mews, alterations at roof level, and other associated internal and external alterations. NAMELY, to amend the approved drawing numbers to allow changes to interior layout, improve the entrance of 14 Sherlock Mews and revise the brickwork finish. Linked to 17/09604/LBC

Comment:  Should the Council be minded to consent this application then the Association recommends colour samples are to be agreed.               VS: 11 December 2017

37 MARYLEBONE HIGH STREET  17/09841/FULL/PP-06513427  Demolition of the existing roof to create a mansard roof extension and erection of rear extension at rear third and new fourth floor level to extend the existing residential unit at third floor level to provide a two bedroom flat at third and new fourth floor level.

Declaration of Interest - The Association would like it noted that a member of their planning panel has links with this application.
This member has not been involved in making the submission below.

No Objection:  VS: 12 December 2017

2 WALLENBERG PLACE  17/09893/FULL/PP-06508686   Partial infill extension at first, second and third floor levels within the centre of the building above the ground floor restaurant to create nine hotel bedrooms (Class C1) and associated works including the installation of green roofs. (Linked to 17/09894/LBC) 

Comment:   Principle of development acceptable. Consideration should be given to reducing the impact on daylight and sunlight change to window W1 within 64 Upper Berkeley Street, as highlighted within the accompanying daylight and sunlight report.   VS: 12 December 2017

12 BINGHAM PLACE  17/09967/FULL/PP-06462012  Erection of a mansard roof extension to provide additional residential floorspace to the existing flat (Class C3) at first floor level, and associated works.      

No Objection         VS: 13 December 2017

FLAT B  33 MONTAGU SQUARE  17/07867/FULL/PP-06353005  Installation of replacement windows on the front elevation at first floor level; replacement railings to the terrace at rear first floor level and internal alterations at first and second floor levels. (Linked with 17/07868/LBC) 

No Objection:                             VS: 13 December 2017

BASEMENT AND GROUND FLOOR 22 ST CHRISTOPHER'S PLACE  17/10807/FULL/PP-06581269  Dual/flexible use of the basement and ground floor for either Restaurant/Cafe(Class A3) use or a drinking establishment (Class A4). 

Comment: Should the local authority be minded to grant permission the Association recommends this be subject to conditions to safeguard neighboring amenity with regards to noise. Namely:
• That the applicant measure to ensure that soundproofing shall be provided to ensure that dwelling houses, flats and rooms for residential purposes sharing a party element with the premises to which this application relates shall receive appropriate sound insulation.
• An operational management plan to include details as to how the noise impacts of the use will be mitigated.                   DM:  14 December 2017

65 BLANDFORD STREET  17/09400/FULL/PP-06466407  Alterations to include new domestic lift to six storey building including air conditioning unit at roof level within loft. Linked to 17/09401/LBC 

Objection: The Marylebone Association does not support comfort cooling to residential properties. The proposed ventilation grilles within the roof form (visible from neighboring buildings) are not in keeping with local character.             DM:  14 December 2017

2 SPANISH PLACE  17/10365/FULL/PP-06539340  Installation of double bi-fold doors, installation of roof beam, and internal alterations. Linked to 17/10366/LBC 

No Objection:               DM:  14 December 2017

142-146 HARLEY STREET  17/09778/FULL/PP-06406924   Internal and external alterations to the buildings including breaches to internal party walls at various floor levels, excavation at lower ground floor level, partial infilling of light wells, erection of new rear extensions at first floor levels to provide plant rooms, installation of new lift to the rear of 142 Harley Street and enlargement of existing lift at 146 Harley Street, in connection with the removal of the front steps of 142 and 146 Harley Street for the installation of a new sesame lift at both buildings. Installation of new plant within existing vaults and at roof level and installation of a new sub-station at ground floor level of 32 Park Crescent Mews West all in connection with the use of 142-146 Harley Street and 32-34 Park Crescent Mews West as Class D1 medical use. (Part of a land use swap with 83A Marylebone High Street and 89-92 Marylebone High Street). (Linked to 17/09779/LBC)  Open for comment icon

No Objection:   Subject to agreement of land use swap with Westminster City Council, the proposals are acceptable in principle.           VS:  15 December 2017

BASEMENT FLOOR AND GROUND FLOOR  12-14 WIGMORE STREET  17/10044/FULL/PP- 06526565  Use of part of the ground floor as occupation as flexible retail / commercial floorspace (Use Class A1/A2). 

No Objection:               DM:  15 December 2017

83A MARYLEBONE HIGH STREET  17/09780/FULL/PP-06458674  Erection of a mansard roof extension at fourth floor level to create a new 2 bedroom unit. (Part of a land use swap with 142-146 Harley Street and 32-34 Park Crescent Mews West).

Comment:  The proposals for a mansard addition are acceptable however, as highlighted within the documentation, one of the proposed apartments does not currently comply with policy. Consideration should be given to providing an alternative arrangement to comply.                        VS:  15 December 2017

89 MARYLEBONE HIGH STREET  17/09781/FULL/PP-06477756  Erection of a single storey mansard roof extension to create a new 2 bedroom flat at 3rd and 4th floor levels of 89 Marylebone High Street and a new 3 bedroom flat at 4th floor level at 90-92 Marylebone High Street (part of a land use swap with 142-146 Harley Street and 32-34 Park Crescent Mews West). 

No Objection:                     VS:  15 December 2017


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