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Planning Application - MA Responses for September

Sat, September 30, 2017 4:35 PM | Anonymous

Please find below responses to planning applications by the Marylebone Association Planning sub-committee. Any comments should be referred to Neil Wilson. neil.wilson@marylebone.org

178-180 EDGEWARE ROAD  17/05904/FULL/PP-06172873   

Roof extension and front extensions at first and second floor levels to provide 2x2 bedroom residential units and additional office floor space plant room enclosed by acoustic louvre to new roof level, extension of rear external staircase/fire escape.

No Objection:   The rationalisation of the plant and the provision of a new facade make a positive contribution to the street scene.                 VS:  5 September 2017


17/07072/FULL/PP-06288688  Variation of Condition 1 of planning permission dated 11 April 2017 (RN: 17/01002) for amalgamation of Flats 225 and 232 Bickenhall Street into single flat (Class C3).; NAMELY to include extending an existing dormer window to the northern elevation and infilling an existing loggia to the west elevation at roof level.|cr||cr| 

Objection:   No objection to dormer extension, but OBJECTION to roof extension at a prominent corner position is visible from the street, and obscures the elegance of the building’s existing roofline pier features.           NW:  5 September 2017

151-153 GREAT PORTLAND STREET  17/06774/FULL/PP-06255784   

Installation of replacement shopfront. 

Objection:  Proposed shopfront is not in-keeping with the architectural character of the building                     NW:  5 September 2017

48 PORTLAND PLACE   17/06995/FULL/PP-06274905   

Use of the basement, ground and ground floor mezzanine and first floors as three residential units (Class C3) and associated internal and external alterations to include plant at rear first floor level linked to 17/06996/LBC. 


No Objection:   Assuming the additional plant on the first floor rear terrace meets planning conditions regarding noise.               NW:  5 September 2017

20 MANSFIELD STREET  17/07090/FULL/PP-06293225   

Replacement of fanlight above the front entrance door, enlargement of ground floor rear external door,roof alterations including new plant and conservation metal roof lights, and internal alterations and general re-decoration. Linked to 17/07091/LBC 


No Objection:   Assuming the additional plant on the first floor rear terrace meets planning conditions regarding noise.               NW:  5 September 2017

9 SHOULDHAM STREET  17/07031/FULL/PP-06262200  

Erection of single storey rear extension at lower ground floor level with roof terrace above, remodelling of existing roof extension, excavation to increase floor to ceiling height at lower ground level and within pavement vaults, and associated internal and external alterations; all to alter and enlarge dwellinghouse (Class C3). (Linked to 17/07032/LBC) 

Objection:   Rear extension and roof terrace is intrusive in terms of mass, and will have a detrimental effect upon neighbouring residential amenity.                     NW:  5 September 2017

252-258 OXFORD STREET  17/06867/FULL/PP-06278307  

Installation of air conditioning plant to existing roof level acoustic enclosure and existing roof level plant room at 16-17 John Princes Street at roof level. 

No Comment:                  NW:  5 September 2017

108-110 EDGWARE ROAD  17/07022/TCH/PP-06291005  

Use of an area of the public highway measuring 1.7m x 7m for the placing of 4 tables and 14 chairs and 2 barriers in connection with associated coffee shop. 

No Comment:                  NW:  5 September 2017

44 SEYMOUR PLACE  17/07039/FULL/PP-06213204  2

Use of basement and ground floors as residential maisonette (Class C3) and associated works.

No Comment:                  NW:  5 September 2017


Installation of double glazed, bi-folding doors and air conditioning unit at sixth floor level.

No Comment:   Although there is barely enough information given that this is a listed building.                         NW:  5 September 2017

15 GREAT CUMBERLAND PLACE  17/07129/TCH/PP- 06298932  

Use of the public highway measuring 1.75m x 8.1m for the placing of 8 tables, 16 chairs and 2 parasols in connection with the existing ground floor use. 

No Comment:                  NW:  5 September 2017

103-105 CRAWFORD STREET  17/06800/FULL/PP-06269805  

Erection of a rear extension at first floor level, to relocate the existing office (Class B1); and use of existing office area as 2no. residential units (Class C3)


-   Consideration needs to be given to the repositioning of the existing air conditioning units indicated at first floor.

-   Proposals for the maintenance access are unclear – will a guard rail be required around the roof?

-   Consideration should be given to lowering the parapet height to reduce impact on neighbouring amenity.                      VS:  6 September 2017

BASEMENT AND GROUND FLOOR  FLAT 74  PORTLAND PLACE  17/06801/FULL/PP-06272633  Erection of part single and part two storey rear extension at basement and ground floor level to enlarge dwelling (Class C3). 

No Objection:                            VS:  6 September 2017

112 CRAWFORD STREET  17/06309/FULL/PP-06233619  

Use of basement as studio flat (Class C3) and alterations to side and rear basement level to install replacement window and railings. (Linked to 17/06924/LBC).


-    Westminster SPD on basement design indicates that the addition of railings must not harm the appearance of the building. It is understood that this building is listed as a pair, and should the council be minded to grant consent, consideration should be given to the change in appearance of only one of these buildings. 

-    A large area of what appears to be historic wall is to be removed within the proposals however the heritage statement does not detail why this is necessary. 

-    Note, the application form is for a full planning application however the building is listed. There was no information available on the form with regards to the listing and alterations proposed.            VS:  6 September 2017


Erection of a two storey roof extension to provide four additional residential dwellings (Class C3). 


-    The increased height and bulk would exacerbate the already harmful appearance of the building. 

-    Only part elevations were available online and so the full proposed elevations could not be viewed in comparison with the full existing elevations.

-    It is unclear if any rooftop plant would be required.            VS:  6 September 2017


nstallation of triple sash windows with timber spandrel.

No Objection:                       VS:  6 September 2017

49 MONTAGU SQUARE  17/06894/FULL/PP-06266132  

Internal refurbishment and repair and the replacement of clay tiles to the external main entrance steps with marble in traditional octagon pattern as elsewhere on same terrace. (Linked to 17/06895/LBC) 

No Objection:                            VS:  6 September 2017

23 HARLEY PLACE  17/06552/FULL/PP-06248794  

Replacement garage doors in painted timber, and creation of utility room from part of the North garage

No Objection:                            VS:  6 September 2017

22 PADDINGTON STREET  17/06711/TCH/PP-06259388 

Use of an area of the public highway measuring 5.6m x 1.08m for the placing of 2 tables and 3 benches in connection with the existing ground floor use. 

Comment:   Should the Council be minded to consent this application then the Association recommends a temporary permission to ensure there is no detriment to the amenity.

                        VS:  6 September 2017

2 BRENDON STREET   17/07510/ADFULL/PP-06297111  

Detailed drawings pursuant to condition 4 of planning permission dated 19 September 2016 (RN:16/06482); Namely details of the replacement sash window. 

No Objection:                     WH: 21 September 2017

33 WIGMORE STREET 17/07293/FULL/PP-06311200  

Installation of freestander light mounts, diplexers to be mounted to pole inside parapet via clamp mount and multicore fibre cable to follow existing cable management to antennas on roof level. (Linked to 17/06833/LBC) 

No Objection:                     WH: 21 September 2017

FLAT 3  20 YORK STREET 17/07467/LBC/PP-06314471  

Internal refurbishment on the first floor from a 2-bedroom layout to a 1-bedroom layout. 

Objection:   Further investigation required of any historic fabric eg cornices/lathe ceiling remaining above the recent low level plasterboard ceilings         WH: 21 September 2017

27A DEVONSHIRE STREET   17/07498/TCH/PP-06325637  

Renewal of use of the public highway for placing of two tables, four chairs and two barriers in an area measuring 1.4m x 2m in connection with the ground floor use at 27A Devonshire Street as an A1 Retail use. 

No Objection:   Tables to be removed by 9pm each day.                   WH: 21 September 2017

7-10 DEAN’S MEWS   17/07608/FULL/PP-06304467  

Variation of condition 1 of planning permission dated 06 June 2017 (RN: 16/05491) for the Demolition and re-development to provide four dwellings including external terraces on the western elevation to two dwellings and the installation of 8 air conditioning units. NAMELY to amend the approved drawing numbers to enable revisions to front and rear windows, relocation and addition of rooflights, relocation of roof hatch and internal alterations. 

No Objection:                           WH: 24 September 2017

35-38 PADDINGTON STREET   17/07523/FULL/PP-06320071  

Variation of Condition 5 of planning permission dated 6 November 2015 (RN: 15/08252) which in itself varied Condition 5 of planning permission dated 21 November 2013 (RN: 13/09716) namely, to permit the use of the public highway for the placing of tables and chairs for a continued period until 31 October 2017; NAMELY to allow further temporary permission for the placing of tables and chairs on the public highway. 

Objection: This 'temporary' permission has persisted for 4 years through the recurring variation of this planning condition. The permission should now be on a permanent basis or not consented at all.                          WH: 24 September 2017


Display of illuminated fascia sign measuring 0.30 x 4.20 and an internal hanging sign measuring 1.20 x 1.20 above the front entrance. Installation of canvas awning in a cassette with logo. 

Objection: Submission documents not readable/downloadable.         WH: 24 September 2017

20 UPPER MONTAGU STREET   17/08371/FULL/PP-06372688  

Erection of a conservatory at rear first floor level, associated internal and external alterations. (Linked to 17/08372/LBC) 

Comment: The only issue we see to highlight here is the relationship between the new layout and the chimney breasts on second and third floors.

In both cases, although not ideal, we think that an appropriate balance has been struck between the needs of any modern home, the practical requirements of drainage, and the integrity of the heritage in this house.

Regarding the second floor in particular we would suggest that detailed drawings are required as a condition to show that the bathroom partitioning has a minimal effect on the adjacent fabric.

SQ: 27 September 2017


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