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Planning Application - MA Responses for August

Fri, September 01, 2017 12:00 PM | Anonymous

Please find below responses to planning applications by the Marylebone Association Planning sub-committee. Any comments should be referred to Neil Wilson. neil.wilson@marylebone.org


17/05711/FULL/PP-06147149 Increase in height of the roof at 3rd floor level alterations to basement and facade in connection with the use of the premises as an Art Gallery and studio/ office (sui-generis).
No Objection: VS: 3 August 2017


17/04201/FULL/PP-06069525 Replacement of the entrance door.|cr||cr|Existing recessed canopy is to be removed to allow entrance glazing to be increased in height|cr||cr|Existing projecting entrance canopy is to be refurbished and soffit lighting added to it.

No Objection: DM: 7 August 2017


17/06211/LBC/PP-06190367 Internal alterations at all floors including replacement of front door and refurbishing the pavement vaults.
No Objection: DM: 7 August 2017


17/05515/FULL/PP-06169865 Replacement of existing conservatory in the lower ground floor courtyard to the rear, with lead roof. (Linked to 17/05515/LBC)
No Objection: DM: 7 August 2017


17/06104/FULL/PP-06218923 Installation of a new shopfront and new aluminium and glazed screens.
Insufficient Information: No Comment due to incomplete information. Elevation drawings have not been uploaded in full. DM: 10 August 2017


17/05839/FULL/PP-06198984 Installation of a new shopfront
No Objection: DM: 10 August 2017


17/05836/FULL/PP-06132532 Variation of Conditions 10, 13, 15 of planning permission dated 15 May 2003 (RN 03/02603/FULL) for the part demolition & redevelopment to provide broadcasting and associated accommodation with a link building across Langham Street & external alterations to Broadcasting House; NAMELY, to enable the parking, access, loading, unloading and manoeuvring areas shown on the approved plans to be re-configured and to reduce the number of disabled parking spaces from 12 to 8 spaces (retaining 5 disabled spaces within the Peel Wing of Broadcasting House and relocating 3 spaces within the adjacent car park at Henry Wood House.)
No Objection: DM: 10 August 2017


17/05218/FULL/PP-06043175 Demolition of the existing building and erection of a replacement building comprising basement, lower ground, ground, plus nine storeys for use as offices (Class B1) at lower ground, part ground and first to ninth floors and ancillary flexible Class A1/A2/B1 use at part ground floor; associated plant at basement levels and roof level; associated hard and soft landscaping.

Objection: The Marylebone Association Objects to the proposal on a number of grounds:

1. Height, Scale and Mass: The building is considered too high and out of scale with its immediate and wider context. The additional height proposed would have a significant detrimental impact both on neighbouring properties in Knox Street and Upper Montagu Street and on the wider Portman Estate Conservation Area. The proposals should be revised to significantly reduce the height of the scheme.

2. Design Quality: The proposals are considered inadequate in terms of design quality and would harm the Portman Estate Conservation Area and the setting of local listed buildings. The existing building has many qualities and features, as highlighted in the Twentieth Century Society's objection, and in our view the quality of the current proposal does not justify its demolition. The Marylebone Association welcomes exemplary contemporary architecture and the proposals fall far short of this standard, both in the quality of the elevations and the level of detail and information provided. The architectural expression is without sufficient distinction and is not deemed to complement the local character of the area.

3. Impact on adjoining properties on Knox Street and Upper Montagu street. The overbearing nature of the proposed scheme would have a significant detrimental impact on neighbouring properties to the South and would harm the outlook and significantly increase the sense of enclosure from these properties. This is a direct result of the scale and bulk of the proposals. There would also be a harmful increase in overlooking from the rear of the proposal over the residential properties to the South.

4. Proposed entrances:
The building fronts the Marylebone Road and the existing building main entrances are from Marylebone Road. The Association is concerned that the proposed entrances onto Upper Montagu Street and Knox Street will have a significant increase in foot traffic and a detrimental impact on the quiet enjoyment of nearby residential properties.

5. Ground floor uses: There is concern over the proposed ground floor uses impact onto the quiet enjoyment of residential properties on Upper Montagu and Knox street.

6. There is significant local concern over the impact of servicing and the controls to avoid detrimental impact on neighbouring properties and traffic, especially on Knox Street.

7. There is significant local concern over the impact of construction on local traffic and the quiet enjoyment of neighbouring properties in the redevelopment. We request that the Association is consulted in the event of a consent in the development of the CMP prior to the discharging of any associated condition.

8. In summary we have sufficient concerns with the proposed application that we believe it should be refused. We would welcome a dialogue with the applicants in the development of any revised proposals. LT: 11 August 2017


17/05941/FULL/PP-06202356 Erection of extension at rear first floor level, alterations to front and rear facades of building and alteration to rear roof form to create sheer rear elevation, use of extended and altered building as 3 x flats (Class C3) and installation of mansard-style screen measuring 1.7m to rear elevation and installation of balustrade to front elevation in order to facilitate use of flat roof at fourth floor level and terrace
Objection: The faux mansard performing as screen to the roof terrace results in an increase in perceived building height that is not in keeping with the neighbouring roof lines at the rear of the property. A simple acoustic screen and railing set back 1.5 metres from the rear parapet would safeguard neighbouring amenity and address issues of visual bulk. DM: 14 August 2017


17/06076/FULL/PP-06217200 Installation of double glazed, bi-folding doors and air conditioning unit at sixth floor level.
Objection: The Marylebone Association does not support comfort cooling to residential properties. The proposed AC unit is not integrated within a holistic architectural proposal and no design/materials are described for the required acoustic box.
Further, the proposed bi-folding doors are out of context within the larger elevation of the building and would harm the overall composition. DM: 22 August 2017


17/06212/FULL/PP- 06226350 Use of the First Floor Rooms F1 and F2 as Class B1 Offices
Insufficient Information: No Comment due to lack of information - the applicant seeks to change use from D1 to B. However, we are not provided any information regarding occupancy of the D1 space and whether a tenant is currently in situ who would be affected by a change of use. DM: 22 August 2017


17/07166/FULL/PP-06302681 Replacement of 2 sculptures by the artist David Breuer-Weil.
No Objection: DM: 22 August 2017


17/07279/FULL/PP-06291166 Change of use of unit 1 at 2nd floor level from ancillary storage, reception and staff facilities to a 2 x bedroom residential flat (Class C3).
Objection: Whilst the Association does not object, in principle, to the proposed change of use, the proposed layout of the flat in question is sub standard, resulting in 2 bedrooms – neither of which could fit a double bed. This objection would be rescinded, should the applicant revise the layout to show a 1 bed flat. DM: 22 August 2017


17/06575/FULL/PP-06249804 Use of lower ground, ground, first, second and sixth floors of 1-2 Welbeck Street as dual / alternative use as office (Class B1) and/or medical use (Class D1). Associated alterations to Welbeck Street facade; and installation of plant to the roof and to the rear elevation.
No Objection: DM: 22 August 2017


17/06852/TCH Use of the public highway for the placing of 10 tables and 20 chairs in two areas, measuring 3.8m x 1.55m and 4.8.m x 1.55m in connection with the existing ground floor restaurant use.
No Objection: DM: 22 August 2017

17/07405/FULL/PP-06317231 Lowering the raised external courtyard by 500mm to the known original level and installing a drain around the perimeter walls. Removing modern cement render on the internal walls facing the courtyard and applying Sika render up to 1.2m high. Removing modern cement render on the same walls externally and applying Sika render up to 500mm high. (Linked with 17/07406/LBC)

Declaration of interest – The Association would like it noted that a member of their planning panel has links with this application. This member has not been involved in making the submission below.
No Objection: DM: 22 August 2017

17/07261/FULL/PP-06256274 Use of commercial car park at lower ground floor level to (Class D2) gymnasium in connection with the erection of a new ground floor front facade and entrance on Beaumont Mews and installation of plant.
No Objection: However, should the Council be minded to consent this application, the Association suggests that the hours of operation are subject to review in order to ensure no detriment to the local amenity. DM: 22 August 2017

17/06738/FULL/PP-06244998 Dual/alternative use of the basement, ground, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors as either office (Use Class B1) or education (Use Class D1).
No Objection: DM: 23 August 2017

17/07273/FULL/PP-06309431 Variation of condition 1 of planning permission dated 21 February 2017 ( RN 16/07989/FULL) for the variation of Condition 1 and removal of Condition 4 of planning permission dated 30 March 2016 (RN: 14/09419/FULL) for refurbishment of existing building, including demolition works and alterations to the rear, installation of services at new basement level, removal of roof plant and erection of roof extension at main roof level in connection with the use of part lower ground and part ground floor levels for Class D1 use and 25 residential apartments (Class C3) at part lower ground to seventh floor levels. Balconies from third to sixth floor level to the rear with terraces and plant located within an acoustic enclosure at lower ground floor level and other minor external alterations to the front facade. Namely, removal of condition 4 to enable a revised design for the roof extension and to vary the approved drawings to allow changes to the roof slope to address rainwater issues, changes to cladding of the balconies and canopies, inclusion of new mezzanine basement level, changes to the layout of mural apartment 2.04, relocation of cycle parking, entrance doors to be bronze faced, enlargement of windows within the front lightwell and minor reconfiguration of rooms and servicing spaces from RN 16/07989/FULL. NAMELY, to allow alterations including a revised design for the roof extension.
No Objection: DM: 23 August 2017

17/06551/FULL/PP-06226432 Variation of condition 1 of planning permission dated 23 June 2015 (RN: 14/10743/FULL) for the Demolition of rear facade of Nos. 96-98 Baker Street and front and part rear facades of No. 14 Sherlock Mews, use of first to fourth floors of Nos. 96-98 Baker Street as eight residential flats (Class C3), amalgamation of flats at first and second floors of No. 14 Sherlock Mews into a maisonette (Class C3), erection of replacement shopfronts to Baker Street facade, erection of replacement rear facade to Nos. 96-98 Baker Street, erection of replacement front facade to No. 14 Sherlock Mews, alterations at roof level, and other associated external alterations. NAMELY, to change the window frames on the rear elevation from anodised bronze to polyester powder coated aluminium.

No Objection: DM: 23 August 2017


16/11376/FULL/PP-05600748 Demolition of the existing buildings at 19-35 Baker Street, 88-110 George Street, 69-71 Blandford Street and redevelopment to create a mixed use scheme providing offices (Class B1), retail (Class A1 and flexible Class A1/A3 units) and up to 51 residential units (Class C3) within a new ground plus nine storey building (and an enclosed plant area) on Baker Street; a new stepped ground plus four to ground plus six storey building on George Street; refurbishment, extension and the change of use of the first floor from office to residential at 30 Gloucester Place; creation of a single storey basement level linking the Baker Street and George Street buildings to provide car and cycle parking, refuse and servicing; creation of a new central, publically accessible courtyard; removal of 5 trees and replacement trees across the site, a new publically accessible route at ground level connecting Baker Street and Gloucester Place; associated plant, landscaping, replacement pavements in part and other associated works. (Linked application 16/11377/LBC) (Revised scheme i. Stepping back at level 8 and above to Baker Street building. ii. Details of buidling line of Baker Street building. iii. Details of servicing arrangements. iv. Details of distribution of Class A1 and A3 uses within the scheme)

Comment: Should the local authority be mindful to grant approval for the proposed development, The Association maintains that the potential impact of the scheme on neighbours amenity must be addressed, both during the construction phase and later, in occupation;
During construction; In order to mitigate, in so far as reasonably practicable, the adverse affects of construction on neighbouring properties, The Association recommends the provision of robust Construction Management and Site Waste Management Plans.
During occupation; The Association recommends the provision, by the applicant, of a detailed Operational Management Plan, setting out mix of retail uses, hours of operation etc.

With regards to the retail tenants, The Association welcomes the applicant’s stated aim of curating a distinctive tenant roster beyond the usual suspects. In this respect we would seek a commitment and guarantees as to the proposed number/ ratio of independent operators.

Whilst we acknowledge that efforts have been made to reduce the height, it is felt that Building C’s height and massing is still bordering on oversized both in terms of height and depth.

Finally, we note the provision of less than 20% affordable housing (none of which is Social Rented or Affordable Rented) against Westminster’s requirement of 30%. DM: 31 August 2017


The Marylebone Association

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