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Thu, May 13, 2021 6:00 PM | Anonymous


7 - 10 Chandos Street 21/02630/FULL/PP-09765564    Formation of new terrace to third floor roofspace including new access door and railing. 

No Objection:         DM:  27 May 2021


Amisa House 25 York Street 21/00831/FULL/PP-09513134  Retention of railings, door and stairs at rear first floor level in association with the roof terrace. Use of the building as a single dwellinghouse, erection of infill extension to lower ground floor courtyard, demolition of a portion of the rear extension wall on the lower ground floor, installation of replacement rooflight, front door and rear side window. (linked to 21/00832/LBC). (AMENDED DESCRIPTION) 

no objection:   On the basis that the change of use adheres to the local area planning policy..                                        DM:  27 May 2021         

77-78 Marylebone High Street  21/02567/FULL/ PP-09746235   Erection of a new enclosed cladded extract and new separate flue to rear and installation of three replacement louvred windows.

No Objection:                                               DM:  27 May 2021


26 Beaumont Street 21/02117/FULL/ PP-09694106   Erection of roof extension at fourth floor level to enlarge dwellinghouse (Class C3), renewal of the roof terrace trellis and planters, reduction of garage door width and addition of new section of wall with a casement window to rear elevation, and replacement of stone cladding adjacent to front entrance door to green marble.

 No Objection:                                               DM:  27 May 2021


Cavendish Square 21/02412/FULL/PP- 09616760   Erection of a Spiegeltent touring structure (with an internal capacity of approximately 500), a box office, a bar area, 9 catering units, toilets, storage, outdoor seating areas and fencing in conjunction with use of Cavendish Square for Underbelly Summer Event 2021 (Sui Generis), with a maximum of 2,000 visitors at any one time, for a temporary period from 14 June 2021 to 8 October 2021. (Linked to 21/02413/ADV)

No Objection:                                               DM:  27 May 2021


Basement flat, 13 Nottingham Place 21/02503/FULL/ PP- 09746018  Amalgamation of two flats ground and lower ground level to create a family size dwelling of 4 bedrooms. (Class C3)

No Objection:                                               DM:  27 May 2021


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