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Sat, March 06, 2021 3:21 PM | Anonymous

129 - 137 Marylebone Road 20/06929/FULL /PP- 09164462  Demolition and redevelopment of the mews building, partial demolition of the 1960s building and roof extension, facade alterations to the 1930s building all in connection with continued Class E use, associated cycle parking, landscaping, servicing area, external terraces, rooftop plant enclosure and associated external works.(Re:consultation- Reduction in height of lift overun to roof, revised lower ground floor plan, additional clarifications on air quality and noise). 

No Objection:  Regarding all of these clarifications and revisions, as we mentioned before, we are relying on the council to properly and thoroughly check that all these technical proposals are fully compliant, and that there are no negative impacts on the neighbouring residents in terms of noise, air quality and traffic.            SQ:  11 February 2021


14 bLANDFORD Street 21/00090/FUL /PP-09329525  Installation of new glass balustrade and planting around the fifth floor south-west roof terrace.

no objection:   However, should the local authority be mindful to grant approval The Association suggests the provision of a robust building management plan by the applicant in the interest of safe guarding neighbouring amenity with regards to noise outside of normal working hours.                                 DM:  18 February 2021         

24 BRENDON Street  21/00424/FUL/ PP- 09452292  Erection of an extension at rear lower ground and ground floor levels, including a balcony and steps at rear ground floor level and installation of a timber privacy screen all in connection with the use of the building as a single family dwelling (AMENDED DESCRIPTION OF DEVELOPMENT). 

Objection:   The proposed balcony/ terrace at raised ground floor will overlook adjacent neighbours gardens, impacting on their amenity. Should the applicant revise the design to remove the balcony, this objection would also be removed.                       DM:  19 February 2021


9 Devonshire Mews West  21/00454/FULL/ PP- 09457072  Erection of rear roof terrace with associated alterations and alterations to walls in basement. 

Comment:   Poor quality application and a missed opportunity to genuinely upgrade the mews.

.   DM:  19 February 2021         

112 Crawford Street  21/00379/FULL  Use of the basement (Class B1) to create a self contained studio flat. 

Comment:   no section or elevational drawings have been provided to illustrate the floor to ceiling height within the proposed basement level studio flat. Further, with the primary window facing North and into a lightwell at basement level it is questionable whether sufficient daylight would be provided. No daylight report accompanies the application. This is a poor proposal with insufficient supporting information.                     DM:  19 February 2021

29 Park Crescent Mews West 20/07854/FULL/ PP- 09328269  External alterations including incorporating northern ground floor commercial garage to form additional living accommodation, replacement doors and windows with double glazed timber door and windows, and installation of 3 rooflights. Linked to 21/00675/LBC 

No Objection:               DM:  19 February 2021


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