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Tue, February 09, 2021 10:48 AM | Anonymous


130 George Street  20/08158/FULL/PP-09305158   Use of upper ground floor as a 3 bedroom residential unit (Class C3).  

No Objection:  On the basis that any external plant equipment and internal noise levels meet current planning conditions.                                      JT:  07 January 2021


5 Moxon Street 20/08165/FULL/PP-08663160  Erection of a single storey mansard roof extension over 1-7 Moxon Street to provide two additional residential units at new third floor level and a terrace at the eastern side of the site over 1 Moxon Street. Extension at second floor level to provide additional residential accommodation adjacent to the rear of 94 Marylebone High Street. Installation of decking and plant within an associated enclosure at rear first floor level; erection of a full height extract duct on the rear of 1 Moxon Street. [Site includes 1, 3, 5 and 7 Moxon Street].

no objection:   On the basis that: the plant equipment on the first floor level and associated extract flue meets planning conditions with regards acoustic levels; and that the addition of the third floor mansard meets planning conditions with regards daylight and overlooking.

   JT:  08 January 2021         

1 Chiltern Street  20/07858/FULL/ PP- 09221407Variation of Condition 21 of planning permission dated 18 December 2014 (RN: 14/08741/FULL) for 'Use of the fire station as a 26 bed hotel (Class C1). Demolition of part of the existing building at the rear, including demolition of enclosures in the ground floor and basement courtyards and demolition of the steel practice tower. Erection of a part three and five-storey wing to main building. Excavation of courtyard to create basement level accommodation, including plant room. Rear extensions to main building. External and internal alterations; namely minor internal alterations at ground to third floor, alterations to glazing at basement to third floor, raising parapet wall at ground and first floor (south elevation), addition of rooflight at 1st floor, double glazed windows within doors to terrace at 2nd floor, repositioned roof access hatch at fourth floor (roof), flue at roof level within recessed dormers (north west corner), omission of louvered roof grill, window cill droped to create doors at basement and ground floor'; NAMELY, to amend the wording to read "The courtyard area shall not be used for outside dining/drinking between 21:00 hours each day and 09:00 hours the following morning, except for a period of 12 months from the date of this decision when the courtyard area can be used between the hours of 09:00 and 23:00 each day".

Objection:   We object on the basis that it will have a detrimental effect on the amenity of neighbouring residents.

Residential amenity will be negatively impacted through an increase in noise and disturbance caused by an extension in the hours of opening. The extended hours of opening will result in a longer period during which noise and vibrations are generated by the premises and patrons. Additionally, as a result of the application proposals, noise will be generated for an extended period into the night caused by staff clearing up tables, and carrying out noise-generating activities such as the disposal of glass bottles into bottle bins, thereby harming the amenity of neighboring residents.      JT:  08 January 2021


Development Site At 5-9 Marble Arch, 2-20 (evens) Edgware Road & 53-59 (odd) Bryanston Street  20/08238/FULL/ PP- 09261866  Use of basement, mezzanine and ground floor as indoor fitness and recreation centre (Class E).

No Objection:   On the basis that the proposed change of use is in accordance with local development planning policy.   JT:  08 January 2021


The Marylebone Association

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