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Tue, February 09, 2021 10:47 AM | Anonymous


13 - 14 Welbeck Street 20/06197/FULL/PP-09068104  Internal and external alterations to the building including a new pitched roof extension at 13 Welbeck Street, a new lightwell at lower ground floor level of 14 Welbeck Street, new roof terraces at rear ground and first floor levels and installation of plant at roof level and rear first floor level. (Linked to 20/06198/LBC) 


No Objection:                                    DM:  16 November 2020


7 Bentinck Street  20/06552/FULL/PP-09164546 Use of the ground and second floor levels as office accommodation (Class E). (Part of land use swap with 7 Devonshire Row Mews). 

no objection:           DM:  16 November 2020


7 Devonshire Row Mews  20/06554/FULL/ PP-09161147  Erection of a mansard roof extension including dormers and rooflights to create two bedroom dwelling. Use of ground floor as a self contained residential unit (Class C3) including alterations to frontage; provision of a lightwell to rear of property; and replacement doors and windows. (Part of land use swap with 7 Bentinck Street - ground and second floor). 

No Objection:           DM:  17 November 2020


16 Devonshire Close 20/06418/FULL/ PP-09151845  Use of the ground floor as residential (class C3), installation of new and replacement rooflights, replacement windows to front elevation, replacement roof tiles, new entrance door and garage doors, installation of bin store and repairs and painting of brickwork. 

No Objection:           DM:  17 November 2020

Flat 3 40 Montagu Square 20/06617/FULL/ PP-09151559  Remodelling and refurbishment of a third and fourth floor flat including replacement windows and a replacement enlarged roof light. (Linked to 20/06618/LBC)

No Objection:            DM:  17 November 2020

3 Spanish Place  20/05132/FULL/PP-08971462  Installation of four air conditioning units in an enclosure within an internal basement lightwell and internal alterations throughout the basement. Installation of signage and facade lighting within the front lightwell. (Linked to 20/04834/LBC)

Objection:  On the grounds of noise. The applicant proposes the external installation of no.4 AC condenser units which, according to the supporting Plant Noise Assessment report, will raise noise levels. However, no noise mitigation measures such as an acoustic enclosure are proposed. Should the local authority be minded to grant approval, The Association recommends that this be conditioned on adequate proposals for noise mitigation.         DM:  19 November 2020

GROUNd FLOor 30 Queen Anne Street  20/06419/FULL/PP-09126497  Erection of an extension at lower ground and ground floor level within rear lightwell. Erection of a single storey extension at first floor level to the rear of the property for use as offices.

No Objection:           DM:  19 November 2020



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