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Tue, February 09, 2021 10:46 AM | Anonymous


53 Paddington Street 20/04837/FULL/PP-08941664   Erection of rear extension over ground, first and second floor level, use of part garden floor, part ground floor and all of first, second and third floors as one residential unit (Class C3) and installation of double glazed windows on front and rear elevations, extension with bi-fold doors at garden level to the rear, and provision of cycle storage for the residential unit in the rear garden, installation of fire escape access hatch to the raised ground floor paved area on Paddington Street with fire escape ladder below at basement level, new rooflight to main pitch roof above third floor stairs landing and includes a single-storey rear extension at ground floor level with internal reconfiguration of existing space to the rear at the same level to create an Ante Room to the previously approved residential unit.

Insufficient Information:   Given the limited information on the adjoining properties it is difficult to assess the impact of the proposed Ante room extension's additional height and bulk on adjoining properties. Given the extent of previous consents it seems modest in itself but it is hard to judge the impact of the combined proposals on adjoining properties with such limited information.        LT:  11 September 2020


15 Mansfield Street  20/05446/FULL /PP-09014113  Removal of existing roof top plant rooms. Erection of single storey pitched roof extension above existing third floor. External alterations including reinstatement of chimney and gable to parapet lines. Alterations to existing fenestration to create "blind windows" to north elevation. Associated internal alterations. Installation of plant equipment. (Linked to 20/05447/LBC)

Comment:   The proposals are broadly welcomed. There are 2 curious elements that we do not feel are necessary, nor improve the application:

1. The addition of the middle chimney, where there is no integrated function. Marylebone is not a stage set. If there is a functional requirement for ventilation, it should be explicit.
2. The blind windows inclusion when the internal function is for an open plan office arrangement where a window would improve the opportunity for natural ventilation.
The inclusion of a line of blind windows on the New Cavendish Street elevation to reference the Georgian floor plan of the original building, which is not faithfully reproduced in the current facsimile. We do not agree that their inclusion enhances the character and appearance of the conservation area, simply because it would be 'closer to the original'.
If they are to remain part of the application the removal of the existing windows are not shown on the demolition plans, which should be updated for completeness.

                 LT:  11 September 2020


1 Barrett Street  20/04535/FULL/PP-08857396 Demolition of 1 Barrett Street behind retained façade and retained structural ground floor and demolition of 2 Barrett Street to structural frame and floorplates. Erection of replacement building over basement, ground and five upper floors at 1 Barrett Street and erection of replacement facades and new fifth floor to 2 Barrett Street with roof level plant/plant screen, photovoltaic panels and green roof. Use of part basement and part ground floor level as restaurant (Class A3). Use of first floor as flexible restaurant (Class A3) or office (Class B1). Use of part basement, part ground and second to fifth floor as offices (Class B1). (Application linked via land-use swap with 21-22 Barrett Street & 24 James Street).

No Objection:   Given the comprehensive nature of the proposed changes, it is perhaps questionable whether retaining the facade of 1 Barrett Street is worth it, given the additional complexity, but that aside, there is much to support in the application.  The proposals will enhance the Conservation Area and are welcomed.           LT:  11 September 2020


John Lewis 278-306 Oxford Street 20/05403/FULL/PP-08998245 Dual/alternative use of part sub-basement, part ground, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth floors for either continued retail (Class A1) and/or office use (Class B1). External alterations including the installation of a new office entrance to the corner of Holles Street and Cavendish Square elevations, installation of a lift over-run at roof level and removal of canopies.

Comment:   We support the potential adaption to flexible use and office use and the associated changes to the building and support the long term presence of John Lewis on the site.

The addition of the cycle hub for 274 cycles is welcomed, with suitable facilities to suit.  However, given it is located in the sub basement we question if a single lift to access is sufficient, with bikes, and it is unfortunate that the 3 main lifts do not continue to this level so that at the beginning and end of the day there could be a direct connection from the cycle facility to the office.  This would encourage a more practical use of bicycles as part of the active travel plan.

               LT:  11 September 2020

New Cavendish Street 20/04580/FULL/PP- 08848632 Use of a room at third floor level as Osteopathy, Nutritionist, Sports Massage and Pilates for a temporary period of five years.

No Objection:   No objection to the change of use, given the existing and proposed uses and retention of existing hours of use etc.          LT:  11 September 2020

BASEMENT TO FIRST FLOOR 121 Crawford Street 20/04969/FULL/PP-08960149  Dual / alternative use of the basement, ground and first floors as either office (B1) or medical (D1) accommodation.

No Objection:            LT:  11 September 2020

1 Kenrick Place  20/05452/FULL/PP-08994910Convertion of the garage into residential floorspace (Class C3), creation of two new sash windows at ground floor. Replacement of all existing sash windows with like for like double glazed windows. Addition of a new rooflight and replacement of the existing rooflight on rear elevation roof with new heritage rooflights. Creation of a flat roof skylight on the rear terrace, concealed by the parapet wall.

No Objection:  Although the refuse and recycling storage needs further consideration to avoid it being impractical and as a default being left out in the mews.  

Consideration could have been given to an additional (3rd) window at 1F and 2F levels.

                 LT:  11 September 2020

30 Gloucester Place 20/05302/LBC/PP-08980026Internal reconfigurations at basement, ground, first, second, third and roof level, including the reduction of the basement footprint, demolition of the lift machine room, demolition and relocation of the waste chute and lift, re-configuration of the office internal stair core, creation of an office lobby area, improvements to the retail arcade layout, re-configuration of the residential corridor and units at first floor. Externally consent is sought for the removal of the existing BMU, introduction of a new MEP louvre, demolition of the railings on top of the lightwell, proposed MEP risers, insertion of a new brick screen at roof level to match the existing, windows to be refurbished to match the existing, new proposed windows to parts of the north and south elevation at first floor as a result of the internal reconfigurations and associated works.

No Objection:             LT:  11 September 2020


The Marylebone Association

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