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  • Wed, January 09, 2019 5:03 PM | Anonymous

    The St Marylebone CE School is seeking a sponsor for its publication St Marylebone Messenger. This journal collects news, essays and artwork by young people aged 11 through 18 at a very high standard, worthy of publication. The School is hoping to expand the remit of the journal to include some of the most outstanding pieces produced by A-Level students.

    You can see examples of St Marylebone Messenger on the St Marylebone School website: http://stmarylebone.school/st-marylebone-messenger/

    Under significant financial constraint, the School is seeking a sponsor for this, so that the students’ work is published in a high quality style and format equal to the calibre of their excellent work. To produce 50 copies of the journal in colour requires £400 annually.

    If you, your company or someone you know would like to sponsor St Marylebone Messenger, your name or logo can appear on the cover and we can offer a page inside the journal for information you’d like publicised*.

    Please contact the Headteacher, Ms Kat Pugh, at the School on 020 7935 4704 or email k.pugh@stmaryleboneschool.com if this is of interest to you.

    *As a state-funded school with a commitment to public service and equal opportunities, we reserve the right to determine what is reasonable and appropriate in terms of sponsorship material.  The School is an exempt charity, regulated by the EFSA, company number 7719620, registered with JMRC, Charity Reference EW 09072.

  • Thu, November 22, 2018 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    This is the second newsletter for the redevelopment of Moxon Street Car Park, being delivered by Concord London. This newsletter will provide an overview of the works planned up to Christmas and the upcoming enabling works as work commences on site.

    Kier has been appointed as the main contractor for the project and will commence work on site from Monday 3rd December.

    A dedicated project website - www.moxonstreetcarpark.com - has been set up to provide regular updates and information on the project. The website contains the latest news from the site, contact details and information on forthcoming works.

    A Community Liaison Group (CLG) has been formed of local residents and stakeholders who meet regularly with the project team to give feedback and to raise any concerns that they have. If you would like to receive email updates about the works, including information on about CLG meetings and minutes, please contact Four Communications using the contact details supplied.

    The next CLG meeting will take place on Monday 3rd December, starting at 6.30pm, taking place at Aubaine Marylebone, 7 Moxon Street. If you would like to attend, please let Four Communications know using the contact details provided.


    The main construction on works have not commenced on site but certain preparatory works have been completed. These include:

    • Closure of the car park to public vehicles at the end of October. Please note that the London Farmer’s Market will continue to operate every Sunday but will be located on Aybrook Street from this time.

    Surveys of the pavement vaults around the perimeter of the site (these are the vaults associated with the terraced housing that used to occupy the site).

    • Commencement of an Unexploded Ordinance Survey (UXO), which will continue until mid-December.


    The upcoming works on site are as follows:

    • Kier will be installing a temporary hoarding around the site from Monday 26th November for security in preparation on for the start of the main works on site. Initially, this hoarding will be positioned on the pavement and will progressively move out into the road, eventually sitting outside of the kerb edge.

    • From Monday 3rd December the remaining preparatory works will continue on site, including excavated of the pavement vaults at the edges of the site and removal of the remaining car park tarmac.

    • Disconnection and removal of the street lighting adjacent to the site and its replacement with lighting on the temporary hoarding. Note that street lights on the opposite side of the street will remain.

    • Installation of six site cabins on site. We expect this phase of the works to be complete by the end of January.


    All work on site will be carried out in accordance with Westminster City Council’s Code of Construction Practice. The site will be registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

    As part of these agreements, our contractors’ working hours will be restricted to the Council’s standard working hours. These are:

    Weekdays: 08:00 – 18:00

    Saturday: 08:00 – 13:00 (quiet works only) No working on Sundays or Bank Holidays

    The Construction on Management Plan for the site is available to view on the project website, www.moxonstreetcarpark.com


    Commencement of works on site: 3rd December 2018

    Completion of site preparatory works: January 2019

    Commencement of piling: February 2019

    Commencement of excavation: May 2019

    Completion: 2021


    For general enquiries, please contact our communications advisors Four Communications:

    E moxonstreetcarpark@fourcommunications.com T 020 3697 4325

    W moxonstreetcarpark.com

    In the case of emergencies, please contact the on-site contractors' Kier:

    David Webb (Site Manager): E davids.webb@kier.co.uk T 07970 718 215

    Jon Staley (Project Manager): E jonathan.staley@kier.co.uk T 07816 215 717

    The points of contact for the Westminster City Council Construction Impact Team are as follows:

    Dean Bermingham:

    E dbermingham@westminster.gov.uk T 020 7641 3802

    Anthony DeRoche:

    E aderoche@westminster.gov.uk T 020 7641 2562

  • Wed, November 21, 2018 11:20 AM | Anonymous

    The Marylebone Forum are consulting on what £670,000 should be spent on. The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a tax that local authorities charge developers for infrastructure needs arising from new developments. 

    Have your say on what you would like the money spent on or suggest your own ideas by complete a short survey. http://www.maryleboneforum.org/cil

  • Wed, November 21, 2018 10:21 AM | Anonymous

    As part of the Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN), Westminster City Council is proposing to introduce a number of new measures around Marylebone High Street and Paddington Street. These interventions will sit alongside the behaviour change measures already undertaken as part of the LEN programme.

    Details of these proposals are set out below, showing the existing and proposed arrangements, as well as information on the rationale. Once implemented, these proposals will be the first of their kind in Westminster.

    If you would like to comment on the proposals or have any questions, please email info@marylebonelen.org by 11.59pm on 5th December 2018. Responses will be considered before proceeding with the next stages of design and implementation.

    Marylebone High Street (Paddington Street/Devonshire Street)

    Key elements of the proposal:

    • Relocated pedestrian crossings for improved pedestrian amenity
    • Wider and upgraded footways
    • Extensive SuDS and planting
    • Increased cycle parking
    • 5 new trees
    • New pedestrian crossing facility across Devonshire Street
    • Continuous footway across entrance to Beaumont Mews

    Marylebone High Street

    Key elements of the proposal:

    • 1 new tree
    • SuDS and planting
    • Realigned cycle parking

    Marylebone High Street (St. Vincent Street/New Cavendish Street)

    Key elements of the proposal:

    • New pedestrian crossing on Marylebone High Street improving access to St. Vincent’s Primary School
    • Shorter pedestrian crossing across New Cavendish Street
    • Clearer footway on New Cavendish Street
    • 1 new tree
    • SuDS and planting
    • Increased cycle parking

    Paddington Street Gardens area

    Key elements of the proposal:

    • Introduction of a new pedestrian crossing on Paddington Street, helping to link the north and south side of Paddington Street Gardens.
    • Introduction of Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) beds including pollution absorbing planting
    • 6 new trees
    • Closure of Ashland Place to motor vehicles, with cycle access retained
    • Continuous footway for pedestrians across entrance to Ashland Place, with a dropped kerb for emergency vehicle and cycle access

    For all the plans visit http://marylebonelen.org/

  • Tue, November 06, 2018 12:58 PM | Anonymous

    Oxford Street District Place Strategy Consultation will run until 16th December.

    The Council’s fresh Place Strategy and Delivery Plan has identified 96 projects across 87 streets and spaces in nine zones, including proposals for major improvements at Oxford Circus, Marble Arch and Cavendish Square. It has looked in depth at every street in order to understand what makes the place so special and what needs to be done to enhance the heritage and character that makes the district unique and gives it the edge as a 'must visit' destination over domestic and international rivals.

    The Council now want to hear from everyone who has an interest in ensuring the district’s ongoing success. Read all about our detailed plans and how to have your voice heard at osd.london

    As part of their consultation, the Council are also hosting numerous exhibitions and events where you can speak to a member of the team.  You can find all the dates on our website under event.   You can also come and talk to them at a temporary pop up space at 16 Seymour Place, W1H 7NG. The space will be open from 12pm-2pm and 5pm-7pm on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th November and then from 12pm-3pm on Saturday 10th November.

  • Tue, November 06, 2018 12:52 PM | Anonymous

    Edgware Road: Proposals for new pedestrian crossings, improved junctions and introducing a 20mph speed limit.

    TfL is asking for your feedback on our proposals to make changes to Edgware Road between Marylebone Flyover and Marble Arch, which will improve safety for pedestrians and other road users by improving five key junctions:

    · The Chapel Street/Praed Street Junction

    · Sussex Gardens/Old Marylebone Junction

    · Kendal Street/George Street Junction

    · Connaught Street/Upper Berkeley Street Junction

    · Seymour Street Junction

    TfL's proposals include:

    · Creating new pedestrian crossings, with green and red man signals

    · Adding countdown timers to new and existing crossings

    · Creating more space for pedestrians on the pavement

    · Providing new Advanced Stop Lines (cycle boxes) for cyclists

    TfL also proposes to reduce the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph to reduce the number of collisions on Edgware Road and their severity.

    Visit: https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/roads/edgware-road/ to view TfL's plans and provide your feedback.

  • Thu, October 18, 2018 5:00 PM | Anonymous

    The initial programme is as follows.

    31st October 2018 – Car park closes to the public

    1st to 30th November 2018 – Disconnections of power & water utilities on site, and removal of street furniture

    1st December 2018 – Commencement of Enabling Works: Installation of site cabins and temporary perimeter hoarding (heras fence), removal of car park tarmac, barriers and pavement vaults

    To find out more visit http://www.moxonstreetcarpark.com

  • Thu, October 18, 2018 12:16 PM | Anonymous

    Following the withdrawal by Westminster Council from the Mayors unpopular plans to pedestrianise Oxford Street, Westminster have now formally  announced a radical new plan to put £150 million into improvements over the whole Oxford Street district. These improvements, as the name of the strategy implies, intend to treat the West End area around Oxford Street holistically; investing in, but protecting the neighbourhoods that surround Oxford Street and improving Oxford Street itself whilst still maintaining its important function as an east west axis for a reduced amount of buses and taxis. Safety issues stemming from the projected increase in pedestrian numbers from Crossrail, when it finally opens, will be also dealt with by various measures, including the widening of the existing pavements where necessary. 

    The top ten proposals in the strategy include:

    1. Prioritise pedestrians by massively increasing walking space throughout the whole district whilst retaining two-way vehicle movement along the length of Oxford Street. It’s proposed to create the equivalent of two Trafalgar Squares of additional pedestrian space amidst beautiful new public spaces.
    1. Major improvements are proposed at key locations, including a new public piazza style space at Oxford Circus and a reinvigorated gateway to the West End at Marble Arch.
    1. Work towards a future where all commercial vehicles that are not zero emission are banned and introduce a 20mph limit across the district
    1. Retain buses on Oxford Street 24 hours a day and ensure they are zero emission.
    1. Enable space on higher floors on Oxford Street to have different and diverse uses to bring new life and vibrancy to the district
    1. Celebrate and revitalise the historic garden squares in the District by maximising pedestrian space and connections from Oxford Street
    1. Deliver an ambitious greening programme for the whole district, including side streets, by providing many new street trees, pop up parks and oases for relaxation, rest or play
    1. Encourage cycling by retaining access for cyclists to Oxford Street and develop proposals for new cycling routes across the district with two new east–west cycle routes, to the north and south of Oxford Street as well as providing a number of key north-south connections across the district and more cycle parking.
    1. Improve shopfronts and exteriors, provide special lighting and promote world class architecture throughout the district, celebrating the eclectic mix of heritage and styles
    1. Encourage a year round programme of amazing cultural events and activities, in collaboration with local, national institutions and retailers, including celebrating cultural events
    Full details can be found here
  • Fri, October 05, 2018 9:37 AM | Anonymous

    A scheme not just for Oxford Street but the whole Oxford Street District.

    Early October has seen a flurry of announcements concerning Oxford Street. Westminster City Council have continued to honour their election pledges and listen to the West End, residents and businesses. The Council Leader has personally confirmed again that they are no longer supporting the Mayor’s plan to pedestrianise and that they are going it alone with a bold scheme to put £150 million over three years, not just into Oxford Street, but into a scheme which is genuinely for the improvement of the whole Oxford Street District-  Leaders Update October 2018

    In this they now have the support of all the West End amenity societies, who are already being actively consulted by Westminster as part of their engagement process. The Council now understands the importance of protecting the iconic neighbourhoods around Oxford Street: Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Mayfair and Soho. They are aiming to unveil their scheme at the end of the month, and go out to public consultation on it in November for 6 weeks.

    At that stage Westminster Council will be seeking the views of those who live, work or have an interest in the area on the new Oxford Street strategy and to that end a new website has been launched at https://osd.london. This will provide details of proposals for the Oxford Street District as well as information about the forthcoming consultation and how the public can give their views. We would urge all those who have shown so much interest in the future of Oxford Street to visit that website and use this opportunity to help develop the scheme with their constructive views on the area.

    Westminster have also launched an Oxford Street District newsletter to keep people updated which can be subscribed to from the Oxford Street District website.

    All good news so far and we will keep you updated. The next key date is the meeting of the Westminster Council Cabinet on 25th October where the decision on the draft Place Strategy and Delivery Plan for Oxford Street will be formally set out and sanctioned.

  • Thu, October 04, 2018 12:46 PM | Anonymous

    Dear resident

    Four months ago, the people of Westminster had their say in the hardest fought local election for many years. I am delighted and humbled that they overwhelmingly chose to put their trust once again in the local Conservatives to run their council.

    I believe that as Leader of the Council I should report back to you on how we are succeeding on the pledges we made during the election. This is the first of a series of regular “Leader’s Updates” I will be sharing with you over the years ahead to keep you fully informed on how we are doing, our achievements to date and what we are continuing to strive to achieve. Please share this with family, friends and work colleagues.

    We have the lowest Council Tax in the county. Over the next four years we promised to continue to provide outstanding services:

    • protecting the vulnerable
    • ensuring our young people have the best possible start in life
    • building more affordable homes
    • improving air quality
    • becoming even more open and transparent
    • establishing a partnership approach with the people we serve. 

    Like you, I live in Westminster. Whether or not you support the Conservatives at election time, I want to explain what the Council is doing on your behalf and highlight some of the first major decisions we have made. 

    Oxford Street – improving air quality & protecting our neighbourhoods

    Our first major decision was to no longer support the Mayor of London’s plan to pedestrianise Oxford Street. The Council had initially been a partner working on the proposals as we thought it was important that Westminster’s residents and businesses had a voice at the table to influence the plans. However, the more we heard from local people regarding their genuine concerns about the proposals, the more convinced we became that there had to be a better solution to improve air quality, pedestrian safety and future-proof retail along this world-famous High Street. So we made the decision to pull out at the beginning of June. Our announcement had mixed reactions: local people and businesses in the main were delighted. Many from outside our City - and the Mayor of London himself - were furious.

    Since then we have been working hard on our own Oxford Street District Improvement Scheme, which covers a much wider area and is taking a long term view of how the area might change. Westminster is working closely with local councillors, local people and businesses and we aim to unveil our scheme by the end of October to go out to formal consultation the following month. To ensure we have a world-class plan, which protects our iconic neighbourhoods such as Soho, Fitzrovia and Marylebone, we are investing £150million over the next three years into the scheme.  We hope that other partners, including the Mayor of London, will invest too.

    Protecting our Streets and Neighbourhoods

    Many of you will be aware of the fierce campaign we led to save Belgravia Police Station. Sadly we were unsuccessful but our offer to house local neighbourhood police teams at City Hall in Victoria Street is still on the table.

    Worryingly we have seen a drastic increase in drug dealing, drug taking, and anti-social behaviour across Westminster. I have held meetings with senior police and council officers to understand why we are seeing such concerning criminal activity.

    Many local people share my belief that we are not seeing enough police officers on patrol. I remain worried about the Met’s new Borough Command Unit, amalgamating Westminster alongside Hammersmith & Fulham and with Kensington & Chelsea. We are set to lose a further 200 police officers by February. This is unacceptable and I have written to Commissioner Cressida Dick expressing my deep concerns about the future of Neighbourhood Policing across the city.

    Westminster Council has responded to the growing issue of open drug using, begging and anti-social behaviour by launching our Integrated Street Engagement Unit. It is already making a difference having worked with 100 people on the street to help support change their lives around and secures the help they urgently need.

    Building More Homes For Westminster Families

    Our largest house-building programme for a generation is on track. Work has started building the nearly 2,000 new council and genuinely affordable home we’ve promised across the city by 2023. We approved the next stage of the Church Street Master Plan, our ambitious programme to build 1,700 new homes in the Church Street area, near Marylebone, over the next 15-20 years. Thirty five per cent of all new homes will be affordable and existing council tenanted homes will be replaced and re-provided at social rent. In addition to the new homes, our plan also looks to create a greener environment, boost the economy and employment opportunities, and improve access throughout the Church Street area by balancing the relationship between pedestrians, cars and bicycles.

    In Pimlico, we are also moving forward with our renewal plans for the Ebury Bridge Estate, building 750 new homes, 342 of which will be affordable and social rent homes. It’s vital that we create and preserve our mixed neighbourhoods. This is why we are committed to ensuring that many of the new affordable homes on this estate will be at intermediate rent available to those on moderate incomes including the key public sector workers who keep our City safe and running smoothly.

    City West Homes – Time for Change

    I know that over recent times Westminster’s housing arm’s length management organisation, City West Homes, has provided often woeful service to its clients. This is simply not acceptable. Having heard so many appalling reports from local people frustrated with City West Homes, it was clear action was required. 

    At the start of this year I commissioned an independent report into the running of City West Homes, seeking recommendations on how it could be improved for benefit of everyone involved.

    We then hit the election period and plans had to be put on hold as we went into purdah, when legally we are prevented from making such decisions in the run-up to polling day.

    With the election over, my new Housing Cabinet Member, Cllr Andrew Smith and I were able to take action. We commissioned a second report into the governance of City West Homes and an independent cross-party Scrutiny Task Group was also set up to investigate. The clear conclusion from this work was that fundamental change was required. Having reviewed all the evidence we have decided that the best option is to bring the service back under direct council control. We are now working with residents and staff to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

    Schools Clean Air Fund Launched – Tackling Poor Air Quality

    Tackling poor air quality remains a top priority. We were proud to launch our Green Manifesto during the election. I was therefore, delighted that one of our first initiatives once returned to City Hall was to launch our £1m Schools Clean Air Fund.

    Aimed at primary schools, the fund is to help tackle poor air quality across the city. Schools will be able to apply to the Fund to create “no pollution zones”. These new zones will introduce a range of measures to help reduce harmful emissions in the air surrounding schools.

    The new Fund is funded from the diesel surcharge Westminster introduced last year in Marylebone, which has seen an overall reduction of 14 per cent in the number of the most polluting vehicles entering the area.

    In closing

    Our priorities over the coming months include unveiling our plans to completely overhaul our Planning System, giving both local councillors and residents a greater say at an earlier stage and a stronger voice at Planning Committees. We will also be launching our new City Plan, which will outline for discussion our future key planning policies, which will shape our City for years ahead.

    Too often, people say they only hear from politicians at election times. I hope you have found this brief taste of the work we have started since the elections in May of interest and given you confidence that we are determined to keep the promises we made. Your Conservative-run council is determined to continue to work with you to safeguard Westminster as a safe, pleasant and vibrant place to live, work and visit.



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