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Covid-19 Do you need assistance or can you help others?

Thu, March 19, 2020 3:51 PM | Anonymous

As everyone is by now aware Coronavirus (Covid 19) is causing major disruption to the lives of increasing numbers of people in our area and this can, at least for the moment, only be expected to get worse. The important thing is that we all continue to act together as a community. We are in contact with Westminster Council and will relay any specific advice for the area as and when we get it. WCC has lots of up-to-date information on their website regarding the latest national and local situation and we would encourage everyone to keep themselves informed by regularly checking these pages and sharing the information with friends family and other networks.

Meanwhile we are in the process of setting up a group for Marylebone that can offer practical help to those that have to self isolate at this difficult time, we will seek to do this with particular emphasis on the many who fall into the over 70s category. We have already had a number of people volunteer to help with this but we will need more, if you are interested please contact us at: covid19@marylebone.org

Marylebone is a great community and we are sure that any offers of neighbourliness would be much appreciated by those who are housebound, those who may be fearful that they may not be able to cope with everything by themselves, or those who just need a cheerful chat on the phone. Our volunteers would check round to see if all is well, and offer to do a little extra shopping alongside their own, collect a prescription or post letters etc. There will also be other groups in our area offering help. We will keep members informed of these as and when we hear about them.

We have registered our group with Westminster Council to give it greater prominence but meanwhile anyone who feels they need help can contact us at: covid19@marylebone.org


The Marylebone Association

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