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Baker Two-Way -Upcoming Road Closure

Thu, May 16, 2019 9:00 AM | Anonymous
Summary of Upcoming Night-time Road Closures

Please note that these dates are subject to prevailing weather and traffic conditions.  For information on the impact to bus services, please refer to leaflets displayed in the bus shelters or visit tfl.gov.uk/bus/status/ .

Night 4 Thursday 27th June - Gloucester Place will be closed southbound only between Marylebone Road and Crawford Street.

Night 5 Monday 1st July - Gloucester Place will be closed southbound only between Crawford Street and Blandford Street.  

Night 6 Tuesday 2nd July - Gloucester Place, Park Road and Baker Street, will be closed to all traffic between Rossmore Road and Marylebone Road. All traffic will be diverted via St John's Wood Road and Edgware Road. 

Night 7 Wednesday 3rd July -  Melcombe Street (between Gloucester Place and Glentworth Street) and Melcombe Place / Dorset Square (between Marylebone Station and Gloucester Place) will be closed to all traffic. 

Night 8 Thursday 4th July - Gloucester Place will be closed northbound only between Blandford Street and Crawford Street.  

Night 9 Monday 8th July - Gloucester Place will be closed northbound only between Crawford Street and Marylebone Road

Night 10 Monday 29th July - 
Baker Street will be closed southbound only between Blandford Street and Fitzhardinge Street.    

Night 11 Tuesday 30th July - Baker Street / Portman Square will be closed southbound only between Fitzhardinge Street and Wigmore Street.    

Night 12 Monday 5th August -  Portman Square will be closed northbound only between Wigmore Street and Fitzhardinge Street.  

Night 13 Tuesday 6th August - Baker Street will be closed northbound only between Fitzhardinge Street and Blandford Street .  

Night 14 Wednesday 7th August - Gloucester Place will be closed southbound only between George Street and Upper Berkeley Street.   

Night 15 Thursday 8th August -  Portman Square / Portman Street will be closed southbound only between Upper Berkeley Street and Portman Mews South.   

Night 16 Monday 12th August - 
Portman Street will be closed southbound only between Portman Mews South and Oxford Street.  

Night 17 Tuesday 13th August - Portman Street will be closed northbound only between Oxford Street and Seymour Street.  

Night 18 Wednesday 14th August - Portman Square / Gloucester Place will be closed northbound only between Seymour Street and George Street. 

Night 19 Thursday 15th August - Orchard Street will be closed southbound only between Wigmore Street and Oxford Street.  

Night 20 Monday 19th August - 
Orchard Street will be closed northbound only between Oxford Street and Wigmore Street.    
Progress Update and Next Steps

WCC are pleased to confirm that the major construction works associated with the scheme have now been completed. You will notice a reduced presence of our contractor FM Conway on-site. 

Surface treatment works are now underway and are the only remaining activity left as part of Phase 4. A total of 17 night-time road closures (during the hours of 20:00 and 06:00) are scheduled to take place between now and Monday 19th August. A road closure summary is provided at the bottom of the page. 

Summer Works - Snagging and Lighting Columns

In July our maintenance team will be on-site dealing with defects and snagging issues that have been reported to us. 

If you would like to raise a defect for the maintenance team to address please do so via: https://www.westminster.gov.uk/report-it 

Alternatively, to report a problem with a traffic signal please using the following link: https://tfl.gov.uk/help-and-contact/contact-us-about-streets-and-other-road-issues 

A number of lighting columns still require connecting to the electricity network. Consequently, UK Power Networks will be on-site in the coming weeks, working to address this in collaboration with our team. The works will involve some small-scale excavation of the footway to gain suitable access. Please be assured that footways will be properly reinstated.  

Autumn 2019 - December 2019

During October, traffic surveys will be undertaken as part of the Monitoring Strategy. The results will be analysed and compared with traffic data that was collated before the implementation of the scheme. The purpose of this exercise is to ascertain how the switch to two-way operation has affected traffic patterns. A report will be published in December detailing the outcomes and any mitigation that may be required. 


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