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St Marylebone Messenger Sponsorship

Wed, January 09, 2019 5:03 PM | Anonymous

The St Marylebone CE School is seeking a sponsor for its publication St Marylebone Messenger. This journal collects news, essays and artwork by young people aged 11 through 18 at a very high standard, worthy of publication. The School is hoping to expand the remit of the journal to include some of the most outstanding pieces produced by A-Level students.

You can see examples of St Marylebone Messenger on the St Marylebone School website: http://stmarylebone.school/st-marylebone-messenger/

Under significant financial constraint, the School is seeking a sponsor for this, so that the students’ work is published in a high quality style and format equal to the calibre of their excellent work. To produce 50 copies of the journal in colour requires £400 annually.

If you, your company or someone you know would like to sponsor St Marylebone Messenger, your name or logo can appear on the cover and we can offer a page inside the journal for information you’d like publicised*.

Please contact the Headteacher, Ms Kat Pugh, at the School on 020 7935 4704 or email k.pugh@stmaryleboneschool.com if this is of interest to you.

*As a state-funded school with a commitment to public service and equal opportunities, we reserve the right to determine what is reasonable and appropriate in terms of sponsorship material.  The School is an exempt charity, regulated by the EFSA, company number 7719620, registered with JMRC, Charity Reference EW 09072.


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