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Interview with - Cristina Rodriguez owner of 94YS Marylebone York Street

Tue, February 01, 2022 9:04 AM | Anonymous

Tell me a bit about yourself?

 My name is Cristina Rodriguez, and I live and work in Marylebone. I opened 94YS Marylebone, with the support of BBLUR architecture www.bblur.com, in October 2019, just before the first Covid lockdown: Perfect timing, however, it has been a tremendous success, and 94YS Marylebone www.94YS.co.uk is thriving both at our store and online. I am Spanish.

 Where did your inspiration come from?

The inspiration for the brand name 94YS came from the numerological meaning of wisdom, humanitarianism and self-sufficiency associated with the number 94 and the YS is an abbreviation of Yo Soy which means I Am in Spanish. 94YS jewellery represents confident, outward-looking women that are comfortable in themselves. My philosophy for the brand is to provide pretty feminine, timeless, high-quality design jewellery pieces that are comfortable to wear formally or casually.

Tell me about some of your pieces?

My jewellery is made with high-quality gold plating on sterling silver to be wearable by people with allergies. I have deliberately set a price point that is accessible to all. My shop is located on York Street at the corner of Seymour Place just a 5-minute walk from Marylebone Station. It is a bright, elegant and welcoming environment for people to enjoy. I am delighted to say that our entire range of pieces is popular. However, the LUNA necklace and the BLACK STAR necklace and earrings are particular favourites of our customers. Our coloured glass necklaces, earrings and evil eye bracelets are perfect for spring and summer. I am constantly evolving our designs, and I am excited by a new capsule collection that I will be introducing in the next few weeks. It is a design collaboration with Carmen Montero Mundt, and the pieces have an easy, sophisticated elegance. I am also designing a bespoke jewellery piece to support the CRIS Cancer Foundation (”Cancer Research Innovation in Science”)charity. The new piece will be available later in the year. It is an exciting time for 94YS at the moment, and I’m delighted to be contributing to our vibrant corner of the varied, exciting street life of Marylebone. 


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