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29 Marylebone Road - ADP Architects for University of Westminster - proposal for new innovation and enterprise hub; to be retrofit, community engagement undertaken, planning submitted and an objection lodged (see below). WCC have concerns with the application as it stands and have no formal recommendation as yet.

The proposed extension to the front and rear elevations are overly dominant to the existing building and will harm the streetscene. The proposed additions to the rear are overly aggressive and dominating on Bingham Place, therefore harming the amenity of neighbouring residents. The use of metal cladding is also not an appropriately matching cladding material to the local palette of materials, thereby making the extension visually incongruous. The proposed additions to the front elevation are incongruous to the street scene of Marylebone Road.

Seymour Leisure Centre Refurbishment – this is to be a 10,000 sqft new community hub and is proposed to include the new Library, a Registrars office as well as new sports facilities. WCC have been undertaking community consultation and we are fully embedded with this process; our discussions are ongoing. Queries have been raised as to why the Library cannot be located in Marylebone Square - we are pursuing this as an option.

One Chapel Place - redevelopment proposals, initial meeting held and concerns raised in respect of excessive scale; conversations will be ongoing

Accurist House, Baker Street by AHMM – pre applications conversations are in progress; strategic exploration underway in respect of retrofit against demolition and new build

Swiss Embassy - Competition held for comprehensive redevelopment of 1970’s extension; winner announced as Studio DIA from Berne - we await a meeting date to see the proposals

66 Portland Place - RIBA HQ - extensive refurbishment proposed by Benedetti Architects - awaiting a meeting date to be consulted

25 Marylebone Road - Methodist Church House - proposal by Anomaly Architects to convert to offices as retrofit; planning submission imminent

Farmers Market - application to remain on the street for a 5 year period and not occupy space in Marylebone Square; various amenity issues and a complication on access to Marylebone Square parking - alternate locations should be considered - discussions ongoing.

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