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Traffic and City Management Update

The period immediately before local elections is normally very quiet, but not this time. We have covered the Oxford Street issue in our earlier extra newsletters but there have been developments on other fronts.

Westminster City Council Cabinet Member approval for the East-West Cycle Quietway was given on April 5. This runs from Edgware Road to Fitzrovia and affects Harrowby Street, Seymour Place, Crawford Street, Paddington Street, Nottingham Place, Nottingham Street, Marylebone High Street, Devonshire Street, Great Portland Street and Carburton Street. A consultation took place in the Autumn of 2015 when we raised a number of objections. In the east we are still concerned over pedestrian safety with the plan for a contraflow cycle lane on Gt. Portland Street. In the west, the proposal to reverse the traffic direction on Brendon Street will bring delivery trucks onto inappropriate streets. We feel this cycleway route is flawed and, in parts, unsafe. We would prefer cycle infrastructure that cyclist will find beneficial. However, a proposal to put a loading bay in Brendon Street has been withdrawn after a long and determined battle by local residents.

An agreement has also been reached between the Council and the Farmers Market to allow the market to operate on Aybrook Street during the lengthy construction period of the Moxon Street car park site. We are disappointed that no replacement residents parking is to be provided and we are surprised that this decision has been taken before there is an agreed construction plan for the site, detailing traffic flows. Implications of the recent sale of the site for the current development scheme are not yet clear.

Paul Neville and Amanda Feeney

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Thursday, 24 May 2018
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