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Local elections a new party against the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street

Residents in Marylebone will have an opportunity to vote against pedestrianisation on May 3rd. A new party has been formed on that single issue. Candidates are standing in the three wards that surround Oxford Street: Bryanston and Dorset Square Ward (Kevin Coyne); Marylebone High Street Ward (Michael Dunn), and West End Ward (Ronald Whelan). Each of the candidates fielded is a prominent, long-standing, non-political residents’ representative from the local area.

The party is called Campaign Against Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street and says that it is not a political party, more a campaigning group with a single purpose, to oppose pedestrianisation on Oxford Street and to offer alternative ways to improve the area. Further it states that it is neither affiliated to, nor does it support, any political party, which is made clear in its motto: “two votes for your party, one vote for your neighbourhood”

You can read more about its purpose and objectives at


Full list of candidates standing in the Westminster City Council Elections on Thursday 3 May 2018.


Bryanston and Dorset Square Ward Candidates

Arzymanow, Barbara Jolanda - Conservative Party Candidate

Beddoe, Richard Martin - Conservative Party Candidate

Browne, Nicola - Liberal Democrats

Coyne, Kevin Richard - Campaign Against Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street

Fry, Michael - Green Party

Hammeda, Mohamed Rashid Labour Party

Horton, Rima Elizabeth - Labour Party

Murphy, Eoghain Leo - Conservative Party Candidate

Serero, Thierry Haim David - Liberal Democrats

Taylor, Neil Macrae - Labour Party

Thompson, Martin Adam - Liberal Democrats


Marylebone High Street Ward Candidates

Angel, Cheyenne - Labour Party

Barr, Alistair Graeme - Liberal Democrats

Bott, Iain James - Conservative Party Candidate

Byrne, Andrew Donaldson - Liberal Democrats

Dunn, Michael John - Campaign Against Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street

Johnston, Barbara Irene - Labour Party

Kettle, Florence Amelia - Labour Party

Nardi-Hiebl, Stefan - Liberal Democrats

Polanski, Zack - Green Party

Rowley, Ian David - Conservative Party Candidate

Scarborough, Karen Toni - Conservative Party Candidate


West End Ward Candidates

Barnes, Timothy Patrick Logie - Conservative Party Candidate

Chevoppe-Verdier, Florian David Jean Gaetan - Liberal Democrats

Fry, Minne - Green Party

Glanz, Jonathan - Conservative Party Candidate

Lewis, Pancho - Labour Party

Lilley, Patrick Eamon Joseph - Labour Party

Ravenscroft, Alan Watson - Liberal Democrats

Saville, Caroline Louise Ruby - Labour Party

Su, Hillary - Conservative Party Candidate

Taylor, Sophie Amanda - Liberal Democrats

Whelan, Ronald - Campaign Against Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street

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