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Marylebone Association Annual General Meeting 2014

Our Annual General Meeting was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Portman Square, on Monday 9th June and commenced at 7.00pm. We had an attendance of 152 and amongst the numbers were all 6 of our ward councillors including the newly appointed Lord Mayor of Westminster, Councillor Audrey Lewis, who was for many years associated with the Marylebone Association and a former Chairperson. The current Chairman congratulated the Mayor on her recent appointment and she was presented with a bouquet of flowers.

The Secretary, Kevin Coyne opened the business of the meeting which included:-

  • Receipt of the Annual Report by the Chairman, Michael Bolt, who spoke about some the events of the past year and the current issues facing the Association.
  • Receipt of the Treasurer's Report from the Treasurer, Keith Evans, who reported on the continuing healthy state of the Association's accounts.

The Annual Report and the Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2013 were duly adopted by a majority vote of hands.


The following members were nominated, proposed, seconded and duly elected by a majority show of hands as officers of the Association for the year commencing 9th June 2014:

  • Michael Bolt was elected as Chairman
  • Kevin Coyne was elected as Honorary Secretary
  • Keith Evans was elected as Honorary Treasurer

The following members were were nominated, proposed, seconded and duly elected by a majority show of hands to serve as committee members for the year commencing 9th June 2014:

  • Tim Carnegie,  Families Sub-Committee
  • Sheila Green,  Social Sub-Committee
  • Patricia Neville,  Social Sub-Committee and Business Liaison Sub-Committee
  • Paul Neville,  Chair of Traffic and City Management Sub-Committee
  • Stephen Quinn,  Marylebone Forum liaison, Planning Sub-Committee
  • Keith Stuart-Smith,  Police Liaison Sub-Committee
  • Neil Wilson,  Chair of Planning Sub-Committee
  • Alex Price,  Licensing Sub-Committee
  • Amanda Feeny,  Harrowby & District Residents Association Representative; Traffic and City Management Sub-Committee
  • Regina Kibel,  Ex-Officio

No further Resolutions were proposed or considered.

The head of each sub-committee then gave a brief report on the work carried out in the past year.

Guest Speaker

The meeting was then addressed by the guest speaker, Tony Burton, founder of Civic Voice and freelance planning consultant who has held many important posts, amongst which has been Board Member of the Design Council, National Trust and CPRE. He is a specialist in the field of neighbourhood planning and has assisted and advised many local groups on setting up their own Forums. He has given advice and assistance to the Marylebone Forum. Tony Burton spoke about the new drive towards Localism, what it is and what it could mean for Association members and their area. He told the meeting that it offers a whole new series of community rights which were not available before, amongst these the right for the community to draw up its own neighbourhood plan for its area. He talked about the popularity of the new neighbourhood planning powers not only in London but throughout many areas of England. He spoke about what could and could not go into the plan and how it could be of benefit to the Marylebone area and enable its population to have a greater say within its area. He went on to outline the scope and scale of any plan, what it involved and the possible cost and consequences as well as the support available.


Afterwards, many questions were taken from the floor answered by Tony Burton and other members of the Marylebone Committee on the whole subject of neighbourhood forums.

Following this written questions that had been previously submitted were answered by various members of the Committee.

The meeting terminated at approximately 9.00pm and was followed by drinks and refreshments which was also well attended by members.

We would like to thank our members for their support in attending this event and to thank the Howard de Walden Estate and the Portman Estate for their generous contributions to the cost of holding the AGM. Finally our thanks to the Radisson Blu Hotel for the smooth running of the meeting and their excellent service.

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