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Marylebone Association Police Liaison Report February 2017

The main areas of concern among residents remain unchanged month to month with minor seasonal variations. These are: rough sleeping and begging, anti social behaviour, personal & other theft and motor vehicle theft.

Rough Sleeping / Begging.

While marginally diminishing in the winter months, possibly the environment is less attractive , particularly to the overseas element , the colder weather may also lead to rough sleepers looking for new bases.

In the past three months a more robust stance from the UK Borders Agency and joint effort with WCC , St Mungos and Baker Street Quarter has led to a reduction in numbers and hopefully a higher level of repatriation where possible.

While passive begging and rough sleeping may be an annoyance, aggressive begging can be a topic highlighted with the Police for action. Similarly, the detritus frequently resulting from rough sleeping can create a health and safety hazard.

If you have concerns about use of the streets or rough sleeping, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meanwhile, as always, the best deterrent to begging is to refuse to contribute!

Anti Social Behaviour

Specific problems in the Luxborough Tower area, some associated with drug abuse involving students from Westminster University.

Action already taken by Police and Security, and the University are prepared to take action where specific evidence is available, however the optimum solution will involve block management carrying out alterations to the underground area, inevitably a question of money.

Personal & Other Theft

Including snatch theft. A surprisingly large number of cases involve the theft of mobile phones –both snatched or removed while attention was distracted

In the past three months, there has been significant growth in theft by riders/passengers on motor scooters. –again notably mobile phones and tablets.

Pedestrians using phones while walking in the street are particularly vulnerable.

Police are mounting both plain clothes and uniform activity to detect or disrupt scooter theft

Motor Vehicle Theft

There has been an increase in this category –mainly theft of belongings from cars –possibly as a result of Christmas traffic /shopping left in vehicles .In most cases access was through smashed windows. The police have mounted an initiative to deter, detect and arrest persons committing such crimes, but residents and visitors can assist by ensuring that no goods or possessions are left visible in vehicles

Paddington Green Police Station
Currently the base for the Ward police team, it is likely that the station will close within the next few months. As yet no indication has been received as to the new base for operations

Police Cameras
Police have now been issued with body cameras. Anecdotal information indicates that this can improve the behaviour of both Police and general public-and assist Police in evidence gathering. The use of such cameras is now spreading to security organisations

Team Mobile Phone
The new team mobile phone number is 07769139532

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